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Brown Skin Girls by Young Rob is a catchy melody that is sure to make way into your playlist:

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Young Rob is a successful R&B, hip-hop, and Afrobeat recording artist. Originally hailing from Accra Ghana, Rob had to leave his homeland after finishing his secondary school at Bishop Herman College in Kpando and move to the United Kingdom. Rob used to spend time with older peers during his childhood. It was because of this company that he got to know about west coast hip hop. Thus, his interest and passion arose very early. Rob started taking a keen interest in music and little did he know where that would lead him too!

While growing up, Rob was an avid listener of 2pac, The Hot Boyz, Westside Connection, The Lost Boyz and so on. They were his inspiration. After much hard work and toil, Rob was finally able to take a step forward in making his music career official after meeting ‘Ren the Producer’. He was an established producer who resided in London. He played a significant part in Young Rob’s journey to becoming successful.

After several global hits, Young Rob is presently working on his newest album and has already released the single called ‘Brown Single Girls’ this year. It is his second single this year and you can listen to this catchy song on Spotify by clicking on the link: 

The London-based Ghanaian music artist’s refreshing single ‘Brown Skin Girls’ is dedicated to all the beautiful and stunning brown girls out there. Besides Spotify, the single is available on many major digital platforms globally. He has enlisted Heaven Boy, an acclaimed producer, this time for his new single. The lyrics and music are sure to leave you spellbound. ‘I Need Your Love’ was another masterpiece by Young Rob so if you have not listened to it already, you are missing out. “I wanted to bring attention once again to the remarkable beauty of our brown-skinned women. There’s a backward and bad stereotype tagged to our well-pigmented sisters, labelling them as difficult, dramatic and at times ugly. This song is my way of letting them know we adore them and live for their love”, added Young Rob. He is truly an inspirational and talented musician. 

With many releases planned ahead of him, we have a lot to look forward to from the singer. Do keep a tab on his social media handles so that you do not miss out.





Make sure you stream “Brown Skin Girls” on:

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