Blue One Owners, Jarret, and Crystal Describe Their Company’s Success

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It is a great feeling to become the go-to merchandise company for billionaires. But people usually ignore the hard work that goes into achieving this feat. Jarret and Crystal, the owners of Blue One, the most sought-after fashion boutique in Hamptons, think that their personal lives helped make their business successful. 

Jarret was a Ford model, and Crystal was in Fashion PR before starting Blue One in 2007. They were in a relationship for years, which helped build trust in their professional lives. The duo knew that they could make things work as long as they have each other despite mixing their romantic and professional lives.

Tackling business with personal lives

Running a business with billionaires as your target audience isn’t an easy task. But Jarret and Crystal made everything possible by tactfully planning every move. They were lovers for a long time and decided to get engaged just after a year and a half into opening Blue One. This step worked in their favor. The Hamptons’ elites loved not only their fashion sense but also their love story. These things happened way before social media became popular. It allowed them to focus on building their customer base and reach out to the billionaires in Hamptons.

You will now see frequent posts from Blue One on their Instagram handle and on their Facebook page. The couple does trunk shows and pop-ups to keep their customers in the loop of what’s happening with Blue One. One longtime customer said, “I feel like I’m growing along with this couple. I was one of the first customers of Blue One and never stopped buying from them. It’s amazing how Crystal and Jarret managed to balance their personal and professional lives so well. I feel like I’m a part of their extended family now!”

Handling the success

According to Crystal, if you remain honest, you will learn to quickly handle your business’s success. The couple is very passionate about serving the elite class. Their products caught the eyes of Hamptons’ billionaires as soon as they opened their store. And because the owners have developed such good relationships with most of their clients, they’ve gained an understanding of what they want. Every time the couple looks for new additions to their store, they keep their customers in mind to ensure that their products fly off the shelves.

This sudden outburst of fresh designs, colorful apparel, and top-quality merchandise, came as a surprise to many Hamptons. The customers now wait to see what Blue One comes up with every season. It is now the go-to store for those who love buying uniquely-designed clothes and stylish accessories.


The power couple is planning to continue the way they have worked so far. They want their business to expand and ensure that small independent designers get the limelight they deserve. IRO is the most prominent example that if you have talent, companies like Blue One can help you find a platform to showcase your creations to a bigger audience.

COVID-19 tripled their business online due to the lockdown. Since their customers couldn’t visit their physical store, they bought everything from their website. The couple works hard to streamline their shipping and delivery system to guarantee that customers can get their hands on their new clothes or accessories in the least amount of time.

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