25-Year-Old Bailey Knight Quit His Job at 23 to Become a 7-Figure Dropshipping Entrepreneur

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Have you heard of dropshipping? If not, you may get motivated enough to become a dropshipper after reading this. That is because 25-year-old Bailey Knight went from working a day job to earning seven figures in just two years, all thanks to dropshipping.

Bailey hails from Cardiff, Wales, and has been dropshipping worldwide throughout lockdown and the pandemic. With consumers shifting their spending habits towards significantly more online purchases, businesses like Bailey’s have exploded in popularity.

All of Bailey’s dropshipping stores are created using Shopify. This popular store-building software has helped thousands of people unlock extraordinary success by simplifying the dropshipping business startup process. Given how easy it was for him to get started, he was able to hit the ground running and quickly see his revenues increase. Since UK lockdown began in April 2020, Bailey has netted an impressive seven figures.

It took Bailey seven years of working for others until he realized that being his own boss was the best fit for him. His first job at Frankie and Benny’s was one he held onto for five years. Between the ages of 21 and 23, he worked for Integral UK. Towards the end of his time there, he met a man named Jay Parry who was already a very successful dropshipper at the time. Bailey immediately realized that was what he was meant to do. Once these two became good friends, Jay pushed him to quit working for someone and start working for himself. This led Bailey to pursue his own dropshipping endeavor.

After quitting his full-time job, Bailey embarked on a mission to create his own brands. This was a calculated risk that he was willing to take, given the payoff he believed, he could enjoy. After all, Jay was a seven-figure dropshipper and Bailey was learning from him directly. It turns out he made the right decision because Bailey is now dropshipping all over the world through Shopify, earning seven figures himself.

Bailey has always had the entrepreneurial spirit alive within him, even when he worked for others. He always wanted to work for himself, and when he found out how easy it was to do today through dropshipping, he immediately pounced on the opportunity. It would become what he would focus all of his time and energy into.

Thanks to his innate knack for branding that engaged his target audiences, as well as his unique approach to the market, Bailey has been thriving all throughout lockdown. His unstoppable motivation to succeed and unlock freedom for himself was the drive that would keep him going, including through all of the obstacles and challenges he faced.

Bailey’s story is a reminder that anyone can unlock financial freedom and become a successful entrepreneur if they have a good mentor and pursue something that gets them excited every morning. That is what Bailey did, and he now reaps the rewards of doing so.

You can follow Bailey Knight on Instagram @knight.


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