Susmita Gupta – Creating a new wave in the sphere of content writing with Ed Innova

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Ed Innova is a content writing agency and academy established by Susmita Gupta, a best-selling author, and world-record-holding writer, with the express purpose of offering content writing services to all businesses at an accessible price. Susmita recognized the value of creative brand communication in assisting any business or brand in making an impact on its target audience, which is why she founded Ed Innova on June 14, 2021.

She says “Not only can content creation assist you in developing a relationship with your audience and enticing them to return for more, but it also assists you in attracting new customers. The importance of well-written content in your overall business and marketing can never be overlooked. Always keep in mind that content creation has the power to make or break a brand.”

The myriad of services provided by Ed Innova content writing Agency and Academy

Ed Innova, within 1 year of it’s inception has impacted around more than thousand businesses and individuals from every Industry with its top notch written content with clever and most searched keywords. Not to forget, keyword consistency is an essential part of search Engine optimisation and boosting the brands google rankings and with the team of experienced writers on all different niches under the leadership of Susmita Gupta has been helping start-ups and established businesses building their brand together with the enhancement of the overall SEO. Visit to learn more – www.edinnova.online

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