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Pushpendra Singh – A Well-Known Crypto Influencer And Blockchain Developer

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Users on social media must have heard incessantly about cryptocurrency investments and may even be perplexed by the buzz. Many people have various perspectives on cryptocurrency. Many cryptos have caused investors to lose money, while others have made them extremely wealthy.

Pushpendra Singh

Pushpendra Singh is a well-known YouTube personality. He’s made several public awareness documentaries and uncovered several ICOs and fake coins. Several public awareness efforts have been organized by him.

Pushpendra Singh is the founder of, a website committed to promoting decentralized finance and Blockchain applications, as well as their related marketplaces. Coming from the IT field, he is familiar with and understands the ramifications of Blockchain technology/Defi.

Pushpendra Singh

Pushpendra Singh is attempting to raise cryptocurrency awareness. He makes Hindi-language videos about cryptocurrency news, cryptanalysis, and SmartViewAi. You can learn from his videos by watching them. He presently has 291k YouTube subscribers.

He has more than ten years of experience in software development, with expertise in supply chain management, organized banking, and the cryptocurrency market. In his spare time, he enjoys broadcasting Blockchain awareness videos on YouTube in Hindi. His YouTube channel is watched by millions of people each month.

He is one such influencer who, according to his goal of empowerment and marketing methods, is on his way to becoming globally famous. He believes that internet marketing has become a requirement and that companies may now use the growing digitalization to enhance their online digital presence.

Pushpendra Singh

He’s mainly involved in social media rather than the cryptocurrency community, and he’s been shooting a lot of films, some of which have turned out nicely. He’s been bringing people into the crypto world and promoting awareness, which is unique at the time. In exchange for more information on his studies, he also offers a free exchange.

He is a Social Worker and Computer Entrepreneur who enjoys exploring real-world issues and attempting to solve them. He is receptive to new ideas, diligent, and appreciates keeping up with the latest software advances and approaches.

Pushpendra Singh

He is a quick learner who works hard. He is constantly attempting to pass on his knowledge and experiences to others around him. His writing skills, both social and technical, are outstanding. Pushpendra Singh has become the most professional. He approaches work with a good attitude and a strong drive to achieve the required task.

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