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Ed Innova is a content writing agency and academy established by Susmita Gupta, a best-selling author, and world-record-holding writer, with the sole purpose of offering content writing services to all businesses at an accessible price. Susmita recognized the value of creative brand communication in assisting any business or brand in making an impact on its target audience, which is why she founded Ed Innova on June 14, 2021.

She says “Not only can content creation assist you in developing a relationship with your audience and enticing them to return for more, but it also assists you in attracting new customers. The importance of well-written content in your overall business and marketing can never be overlooked. Always keep in mind that content creation has the power to make or break a brand.”

The myriad of services provided by Ed Innova content writing Agency and Academy

  • Website content
  • Blogs and Article (SEO Based)
  • Press release and promotional articles
  • Script writing
  • Live classes on Content writing, creative writing, copy writing and book writing
  • Brand story writing
  • Academic content writing

Ed Innova’s top-notch written content with clever and most-searched keywords has touched thousands of organisations and individuals from every industry in less than a year since its inception. Not to mention, keyword consistency is an important part of search engine optimization and boosting a brand’s Google rankings, and Susmita Gupta’s team of experienced writers on a variety of niches has been assisting start-ups and established businesses in building their brand while also significantly improving SEO.

Why is high-quality content for every business is mandatory today’s time?

Amid the world of digitisation, compelling content in the digital space plays a crucial role that comes with an ample number of opportunities for brand collaboration, promotion, and above all establishing a connection and trust with the customer. Today, Ed Innova handles all the requirements with a pool of experienced content writers and subject matter experts covering a variety of content including blogs, articles, website content, press releases and what not? Get started today – www.edinnova.online

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