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The mind-blowing treasures of Montenegro are all set to enter the world of Non-Fungible Tokens

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NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have pushed the art industry towards digitization. Many celebrities and big chunks have announced and launched their series on NFTs. No doubt, it has become a popular platform for artists to present their plagiarism-free arts.

Montenegro, a country that mesmerizes people with its breathtaking beauty, is all set to launch its project- Treasures of Montenegro on 22nd February 2022.

Montenegro Luxury Association, a brand that helps represent the luxury experience in Montenegro, has come up with Montenegro’s first NFT project to let the world buy the piece of a country’s art, culture, heritage, and incredible digital treasures.

The Treasure of Montenegro is all based on the concept of 777 astonishing art tokens that include the stunning views of Montenegro from different viewpoints. What astonishes us about this project is its collaboration with seventy artists worldwide, and a goal of gathering more than 7,000 talents and 100+ partner companies. The artists include travel bloggers, photographers, graphic designers, and many more. Overall, it is an impressive combination of NFT technology and tourism.

The project has exciting offers for the Collectors as they are offering them to become exclusive members of the MLA community when they purchase an NFT token. The benefits of belonging to such a community are many, from assistance with travel arrangements; discounts at luxurious hotels and restaurants; to the development of new NFT projects that will aid in the advancement of the tourism market. 

Stefan Stesevic and Nikolina Kovacevic, the founders of Montenegro Luxury Association, have done an innovative promotion of their country that only tells us about the stunning beauty of the place but has come up as an opportunity for many artists. The epic promotion has its official Copywrite. The promotional video tells us the story of artists who captured the beauty of this bewitching country in photographs, paintings, and videos. Furthermore, just as they were about to unveil these treasures to the world, angry pirates attacked them and seized the treasures for good.

Montenegro Luxury Association is a luxury brand of Montenegro, working its fingers to the bone since 2019 to make its vision turn into reality, step by step. Their hard work has paid off as they are the award winner from the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro and the Ministry of Economy Development of Montenegro. The team will open 770 tokens for sale on 22nd February 2022. On 1st March, seven days after the launch, the team will open the auction for the seven pearl tokens.

People, grab your treasure tokens of culture and heritage and become a member of the most beautiful and astonishing NFT journey! 

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