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Pro-Gamer AbsorberYT Ushers in a New Age of Positive Content

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Social media, news outlets, television, and all the like are filled to the absolute brim with negativity and hatred. Another tragedy, another murder, another disaster, another controversy. Where is the line drawn? When is enough going to be enough? Is this the world we want our children and their children after them to enter? No, it is not. Society needs a more positive influence on the youth to pull us away from the evil around us, and AbsorberYT may just be that light shining in the darkness.

Hamza Saadah, known by the millions as AbsorberYT, was born March 17, 2003, in a small town in New Jersey. Growing up in the modernization of technology and media, he too had to endure the world as previously described– dark. However, the lantern that guided him truly was gaming. Through gaming, Hamza could be anyone, anything, and in any place. The magic that is the virtual world enveloped him with joy, and he wanted to share that light with the rest of the world. Soon after reaching this epiphany, he created himself a YouTube channel called “AbsorberYT,” and the rest is history.

Over 3 million subscribers later, AbsorberYT is trending on the internet more than regularly. His videos hit top numbers almost immediately after their launch, and they are all focused on laughter and good fun. Posting exuberant gaming clips (mainly from the smash-game Fortnite), pulling pranks on well-known celebrities, and hosting mental health streams are all in AbsorberYT’s repertoire. Each video consistently makes its way onto the trending page, with millions upon millions of views coupled with hundreds of thousands of positive comments. His videos are rated family-friendly, and they do not disappoint– AbsorberYT exemplifies how to be entertaining, one does not need vulgarity or profanity, but heart and passion for their craft.

Aside from YouTube, AbsorberYT’s influence has spread onto TikTok and Twitch, with a whopping 5.2 million followers and 200,000 followers, respectively. On TikTok, AbsorberYT shares the best of the best from his YouTube channel, such as the highlights of an intense gaming tournament (like the recent Faze Tournament!)  or a knee-slapper of a clip from one of his “trolling” videos (trolling is the youth’s term for pranking, apparently). As far as Twitch, he uses its live-streaming ability to share a more raw side of himself. Here, AbsorberYT explores his less “performative” hobbies, such as music and magic. To see a cool card trick, or hear a sample from a new song he’s been working on, his Twitch is the place to go.

All in all, Hamza Saadah, or AbsorberYT, is a true North Star for the youth of today as they navigate the treacheries of the media.

To see more of AbsorberYT, follow him on any of his platforms:





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