Pritesh Patel: Build It, and the NFT Resellers Will Come

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Every time a new market opens up, some create, those who sell, and then some resell. When it comes to non-fungible tokens or NFTs, if one man looks set to be King of the Resellers, it’s Pritesh Patel. Much in the same vein as the most successful NFT producers, Pritesh is not content to just profit from the resale of NFTs but is looking to build a tight community of resellers. So let’s take a deeper dive.

Pritesh Patel’s story goes back to 2016 when he began buying and reselling limited edition sneakers. After making significant profits there, he moved into Forex trading while learning web development, eventually specializing in Web3. Like any great entrepreneur, Pritesh combined the skills he’d learned at a younger age and took them in a new direction – NFTs.

IN RECENT YEARS, the NFT market has exploded after a slow growth from the first-ever NFT in 2014. However, things took off in the last couple of years. Starting in 2021, Pritesh has amassed a fantastic £300,000 in NFT trading profits in less than six months. 

The trading of NFTs is much like a limited edition sneaker – well, almost. Maybe there are 100 sneakers in a limited run. Perhaps it’s 1,000 or even just 10, but there is only one unique version of an NFT. Sure the collection might be 10,000 strong, but each one is an individual digital asset that only one person can own.

This got people talking. It got heads swiveling in his direction. So much so that AMGI Studios took notice and hired him as their Lead Alpha Caller, where he advised clients on which NFTs to buy and profit from. As a result, AMGI Studios run My Pet Hooligan (MPH), an NFT collection of 8,888 pet hooligans, which form part of a new breed of interactive NFTs in a PvP video game built in Unreal Engine 5.0. The game uses the company’s Metaverse The Rabbit Hole and is a play-to-earn game for MPH NFT owners.

In 2022, the community is becoming an increasingly important part of the NFT market. Most collections seek digital real estate within various metaverses to build clubs, jungles, game spaces, and more. Seeing this shift, Pritesh Patel has crafted his community for NFT resellers.

Paragn NFT was founded in 2022 and has already amassed over 150 paying members. Here is a place where NFT resellers can work together to find and exploit opportunities within the market. As part of this project, Paragn boasts beginner-friendly guides, YouTube videos, project analysis, advice, friendly and supportive community access, and an in-house NFT tool. Not only that but members work together on resale projects, and there are daily channels for new NFT projects and drops to look out for, and giveaways and raffles.

Some successful examples include Azuki, where Paragn bought 30 mins for 36.57 ETH (about £84,000) and sold them within a month for 102.77 ET or £236,000 for a profit of £152,000. Another example is a £37,957 profit on a two-mint purchase of £840. 

Not only all of the above, but Pritesh is still in the sneaker reselling game and helping people worldwide get into it too. Paragon Network has a monthly subscription community with a tried and tested bot method for finding sneakers for resale. In addition, he’s developed critical partnerships in the industry, offers raffles and giveaways, mentorship, and support, all while building a trusted community for sneaker resellers.


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