Jian Tam, Principal of the NFT Sector is Supporting Artists

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Expert marketer, investor, and NFT salesperson Jian Tam is helping artists break into the blockchain scene.

Nobody has more experience in the NFT world than market innovator Jian Tam. With two decades of experience in investing, and marketing, and as a founder and CEO of tech companies, Mr. Tam is a world ahead of the competition when it comes to established artists in the blockchain. Recent months have seen this successful businessperson switch focus from nine-figure e-commerce sales companies to creating multiple eight-figure NFT sales. With a track record like his, it’s no wonder experts consider him a driving force in the NFT sector. 

What makes an NFT different from other digital currencies is that it places the benefits straight back into the artist’s hands. It is a unique way to pay and receive payment, and it allows you to connect directly with your audience to provide them with tokens for things they want to see from you. Jian Tam wholeheartedly supports this facilitation of a platform where art and business meet. He supports, encourages, and invests in artists to raise them up to this stage. 

NFTs are the Artist Currency of the Future

In a recent speech at Miami NFT Week at the beginning of April 2022, Jian Tam invited his audience to trust his instinct when it came to new blockchain companies. He works with multiple partners to ensure the artists generating NFTs get fair treatment and excellent rates of pay for their products. Jian Tam is an enthusiastic gamer but believes in products which produce environmental or ecological benefits. For example, he is a huge supporter of the Battle Cats NFT system, which uses profits to support big cats living in the wild. It is this kind of crossover that could see NFTs as the currency of the future. 

Supporting and Investing in Artists Producing Digital Products

Jian Tam is acting as a huge supporter of the NFT gaming industry through his Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. He is signing artists to the new agencies he runs, allowing them to produce digital products that he can incorporate into their portfolios. Jian has helped numerous artists to make their move into the digital product world. It is different from a traditional artistic setting and having someone as experienced in tech as Jian Tam can help them to get ahead without making any fatal errors. 

Onwards and Upwards for NFTS

The more we move forward through this digital world, the more our reliance on digital products will increase. As it is, we receive much of our daily entertainment in digital format. When we start to pay our artists and creators in this same digital format, it offers them the security that they do not necessarily get when their products are traditional. While you could paint a single commission and sell it once, you could create a digital product and sell it for NFTs in a limited-edition format. You could sell that same creation two hundred times, to two hundred different people worldwide. In a blockchain-backed game, this could result in two hundred proud owners of your artwork amid an audience of 12,000, a million, or more. NFTs are the way of the future, no matter which way you paint it.

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