Nick Eubanks: Focus on Multiple Revenue Streams and the Customer Journey

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Understand the customer’s journey, perfect it with your first business, and then develop as many income streams as possible. That’s the advice of successful consultant and serial entrepreneur Nick Eubanks. This is why he is becoming the Joseph Campbell of business. Whatever kind of business you are looking to run, the customer is the essential person, whether they are consumers, the government, or other companies.

The Traffic Think Tank (TTT) thought leader, Nick Eubanks, has developed a strategy to help all entrepreneurs turn their basic ideas and first business into a multi-million dollar secure income. So how does he do this? Well, his plan comes in two stages. 

First, we should ask – why should we trust him? After all, there are gurus all over the place with their fail-safe plans for making more dough than you can imagine. What makes him different? Eubanks has been an entrepreneur since he was a little Pennsylvanian lad. He’s been building websites since the era of GeoCities, has been cold email marketing since 2004 (while working for Morgan Stanley), and has been in marketing since 2008. Furthermore, the practices he preaches have 12 income streams and produce accurate results for his clients.

Let’s take a deeper dive. Part one of his successful strategy is to focus on the customer journey. There’s no rebellion against the father or anything like that, unlike Campbell’s hero’s journey, but there is a rounded journey. According to Eubanks, any successful serial entrepreneur needs to set solid foundations, which means focusing on the first business and doing it in the best possible way.

Keep it simple. Take this first business and look at the customer’s journey. Any good company anticipates the customer journey and goes beyond normal expectations to make it as good as possible. Look at the customer’s needs even if they don’t realize them themselves. By focusing on this one business, you can grow it to a point where it can run itself. This gives you the funds and the time to move to stage 2.

No, you have more time and money; start a simple second business. For example, go with a tried and tested niche and business type online – marketing. You don’t have to take risks or think outside the box here. Go with something which works and build it up. This can then be moved into other income streams. By having success in that industry, you can turn to consult it for other people. That’s income stream 3. Then you have thought leadership products, collaborating, affiliate marketing, investing, and so on.

Maybe you are thinking, thank you, Nick, for teaching us this much; I can go it alone now. However, as with the hero’s journey, every entrepreneur needs a mentor – a wise hand who has been there and done that. Eubanks is that guy. His consulting business offers clients the tools and knowledge to make any entrepreneur’s income to the next level. This includes project analysis, software, and automation to drive customer acquisition, an obsession with cash flow, collaboration, and how to improve ROI on marketing. 

One thing is sure, anyone working with Nick Eubanks can look forward to a sizable income boost. Now, ask yourself two questions. First, how well do you know your customer’s journey? And how many income streams do you have?

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