How Athena Ag. Is Supporting Rapid Growth of the Cannabis Industry

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Athena Ag. is one of the most well-known nutrient lines in the cannabis industry, known for its rapid growth and expansive knowledge. It is a vertically integrated formulator and manufacturer of liquid and dry fertilizers and specializes in providing clean, balanced nutrients for cannabis cultivation. They also provide commercial facilities the opportunity to work with one of their specialized facility advisors to implement the Athena program.

Though they have a wide variety of products, the main Athena Ag. products are liquid and powdered fertilizers for cannabis cultivation. This includes Athena Ag.’s liquid nutrient line, the Blended Line; Athena Ag.’s powdered nutrient line, the Pro Line; Athena Ag.’s foliar sprays, the Foliar Line; and Athena Ag.’s integrated pest management line, the IPM Line.

Athena Ag.’s core mandate is to formulate products that improve quality, reduce costs, and drive consistency. The company takes pride in supporting growers of all sizes with different growing styles. The team is made up of growers who have used many lines and now use Athena Ag. because it is a program that works.

Brandon Burkhart, the owner and founder of Athena Ag., has a vast background in cannabis cultivation, where he utilized and grew using a lot of the other nutrient lines. Burkhart was tired of using dozens of bottles and products in his feed program and the inconsistencies it caused throughout the many growth cycles. He was inspired to create a simplified line that improved quality, reduced costs, and was well-balanced with fewer parts to be used.

Athena Ag. was a concept that was acted upon quickly once Burkhart partnered with one of the largest cultivators in California, Jungle Boys. This partnership allowed for years of testing in the grow rooms located in Los Angeles, California, to formulate Athena Ag. for the perfect run. As the weight of being a cultivator increases, Athena Ag. exists to make the process simple.

To support rapid growth, Athena Ag. has invested heavily in production infrastructure. In February 2021, Athena Ag. acquired an additional production facility in Sacramento, California. Following their goal of achieving excellence in the industry, custom-made Murray and Doyle equipment has been purchased for blending both Athena Ag. lines. These new automated blending and packaging machines will greatly increase Athena Ag.’s production capacity. Upon completion in late Q2 2022, their two facilities will be able to produce 20 million pounds of dry fertilizer and 2.5 million gallons of liquid fertilizer blends a year.

An industry leader, Athena Ag. is currently ranked in the top ten cannabis nutrient companies globally, but the goal is to be in the top three in the coming years. Though currently available in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, Chile, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Portugal, and Macedonia, Athena Ag. would like to have availability throughout the entire EU by 2022.

Athena Ag. is also investing heavily in innovating, testing, and finding out what works best when running the Athena Ag. program, with plans to launch six new products in 2022.

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