Mohamed “Rated” Soliman Shares the Significance of Winning the Intel Arabian Cup

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Anubis Gaming is the leading eSports organization in the Middle East. It represented Egypt in the Intel Arabian Cup. This tournament is the biggest platform for professional League of Legends players to showcase their skills and win the ultimate prize of becoming the world’s best team. Hundreds of amateur and veteran teams participate in this tournament every year to experience what it’s like to compete with the best. Anubis Gaming won the tournament in 2019, four years since the team’s inception in 2015.

The Dream of Winning the Intel Arabian Cup

Many amateurs question why veterans consider the Intel Arabian Cup as the World Cup for League of Legends. Anubis Gaming’s think tank, the champion of champions in the Mena region, Mohamed “Rated” Soliman, says, “Who doesn’t want recognition? Winning an international tournament is a gamer’s dream. And winning it is a dream come true. If there’s a tournament that surpasses the Intel Arabian Cup’s popularity, players would also want to win that tournament. It’s like Brazil winning the World Cup five times. No one remembers teams that qualified for the quarterfinals. People remember the winning team for years. And that’s why everyone wants to win the Intel Arabian Cup.”

Intel, Lenovo, and Riot Games, three of the world’s biggest brands, came together to host this tournament a few years ago. The brands wanted to provide a platform to both amateur and veterans to show their LoL skills. Teams who had already won several domestic tournaments would get a chance to participate in an international tournament. Moreover, local teams from 13 countries can taste what it’s like participating in big tournaments hosted by world-famous brands.

Gaining viewership was another reason why these brands had hosted the Intel Arabian Cup. They wanted to get substantial viewership from various social media websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Their plan was successful as more than 80,000 viewers logged in to watch their favorite teams battle it out to become World Champions. According to the TRP statistics, approximately 22,000 viewers followed the tournament from the first day to the finals.

Ali Muslumanoglu, the General Manager of Riot Games MENAI, said, “We didn’t expect this overwhelming response from fans. The primary motive of the tournament was to give exposure to players from different corners of the world. We are happy with the response as more than 5,000 players participated. And congratulations to Anubis Gaming for winning the tournament.”

Rated’s role in Anubis Gaming

Rated is not just the content creator and streamer of Anubis Gaming. You will be surprised to know his achievements. He is a certified athlete by the Egyptian government. The government recently honored him for winning an official regional championship held by The Arab League recently. His experience in League of Legends was crucial to Anubis Gaming winning the Intel Arabian League. 

He said, “It’s not just about me. The entire team worked hard to win. We’ve been trying to win a major tournament since 2015. But somehow, victory eluded us. This feeling is special. Don’t know whether we will sleep in the next two days!”

Rated’s pivotal role in Anubis Gaming made him one of the most valuable players in Egypt. It is only a matter of time before he leads the team to another international championship.


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