How Online Businesses Can Succeed on Instagram: Kristina Edwards

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Every business across the globe needs an online presence in today’s digital world. Social media platforms have become the connectors of brands and their audiences. It’s no secret that Instagram has won the race, hands-down amongst the diverse pool of social media platforms. Having helped hundreds of influencers and brands thrive on Instagram and expand their reach, Kristina Edwards, CEO of ‘Classy Chic Marketing,’ shares what it takes for businesses to succeed on the world’s favorite social media platform – Instagram.

 Quick updates via stories

Adding a story is one of the most exciting and extensively used features of Instagram. It has that titillating value that encourages the viewer to engage with your content and your page. For Kristina, “The power of the story feature is yet to manifest fully. It became a sensation almost as quickly as Instagram itself did. Businesses that use it well often get to stay on top of their followers’ pages and minds. It’s a great way to keep them guessing.”

 Better engagement

With a quick like, a little heart, and a bucketful of emojis, you can have yourself a legion of followers on Instagram. And if you are someone who likes to walk along with their followers by responding to every comment, you stand a chance to generate a lot of positivity around your page. Kristina says, “The rules of engagement are evolving. While nothing can beat the comfort and coziness of a real sit down, with the world expanding and interactions increasing, a sit down might not always be possible or viable. Instagram changes that. With Instagram, it’s possible now to update instantly, be received instantly, respond instantly and stay in global consciousness a little bit longer. All thanks to its adaptability on the medium of the smartphone.”

 Unique content

Instagram is a social media platform unlike any other. While it shares its features with other platforms, it stands out in its presentation, instantaneous and easy-to-scroll ability. It’s perfect for every smartphone and every smartphone user. Kristina adds, “Instagram is a phenomenon. It’s the only social media platform where the whole world gathers to celebrate, enjoy, laugh, shed tears even ridicule or troll. It’s like looking at humanity through a microscope. We expose ourselves to the world, and the world opens itself up to us. This means that the kind of content being generated on the planet is first seen on Instagram. As the internet dissolves boundaries, it allows you to see perspectives, art forms, cultural phenomenons, products, and services that you didn’t know existed. This uniqueness allows businesses and services to take on a novelty glow which can, in the end, convert into sales and success.” 

Clearly, for Kristina, authentic content and genuine engagement are keys to business success on Instagram. 

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