Our Language is our identity, and without that we are nothing, Asif Tariq Bhat

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Life some of the time hits you hard, yet everything occurs which is as it should be. At the point when Asif Tariq Bhat began writing in kashmiri language numerous individuals censured him for that. Individuals used to disclose to him this won’t work, you ought to follow pattern however he Continued and followed his way. Asif has done his tutoring from neighborhood school in Ganderbal. He is at present seeking after Honors in Kashmiri writing from Amar Singh College srinagar. Being an understudy of Amar Singh College, I see myself as fortunate on the grounds that I got that stage and openness that I was looking for.

I accept that to write in your primary language gives you genuine taste, it gives you internal harmony. I accept that primary language is individual’s character, it addresses the Nation you are living in. I we receive some other culture or language we will be called adopters not genuine owner’s. That will be disgraceful for us. He added.

Asif has finished very nearly 15 books comprising both verse and exposition. These books are composed on numerous points including social conduct, enchantment and struggle. Asif has distributed one book “SARAAB” Which comprises some short stories and verse in it. The book is about fiction which makes a figment in perusers mind.

Other than verse Asif compose short stories also, his most recent short story “Shikyear” was profoundly valued. The Story enlightens us regarding how a blameless people comes into the snare of a tracker. I compose what I see, what I feel this short story is each kashmiri out there. Being an essayist of contention zone it’s difficult to clarify or compose reality here. However, truth has fragrance that can’t be confined. Asif added.

I accept that an essayist should peruse first then he should begin composing on the grounds that, there are such countless things there is so numerous information that you can gather by perusing.

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On asking do you accept that an individual should have a tutor or somebody who will control him in after his way.? I think without coach or educator your life is squander on the grounds that he wouldn’t just guide you, he will clear disarrays from your psyche, likewise I consider Zareef Ahmad Zareef my tutor whatever I compose I visit their place I show Zareef Sahab my substance.

What sort of work you need to add to the writing of Kashmir?

I’m by all account not the only individual there are such countless magnificent individuals out there, well on the off chance that I will discuss myself I will attempt to get youthful ages consideration through my work since, they have completely failed to remember their identity(Their first language) and I accept that in the event that I will contribute a few things to grab their eye I will be the most cheerful individual. To grab their eye I should expound on Kashmir and it’s contention I should zero in on what’s happening. Nature and love has assumed a decent part in writing however now it’s an ideal opportunity to change the framework.

What will be your last message to the crowd?

I might want to exhortation you that follow your fantasies, give your best whatever occurs, it occurs for an explanation yet don’t surrender. Give time, offer devotion to your work and it will show you productive outcomes. Also, I encourage everybody particularly our childhood, if it’s not too much trouble, attempt to talk in your own language. Regard it, regard your personality.


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