Jaime Manteiga Is Helping Small Business Get Through the Pandemic With TapTok Touchless Contact Cards

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been rough on millions of businesses, especially ones that rely on physical storefronts and in-person networking. One of the key aspects of networking in business is the exchanging of business cards. These tiny paper cards have been in existence in some shape or form since the 15th century. Given the ability for viruses to spread through physical contact with things like business cards, the exchanging of them has suddenly become a risky decision. Jaime Manteiga has created something that changes that.

TapTok may look like an actual business card at first glance, but it is actually a contactless device that transfers contact information electronically using Near-Field Communication (NFC), or a QR code. Smartphones are NFC-enabled and can receive information from a TapTok card instantly. Jaime has seen demand skyrocket for his touchless contact cards ever since the COVID-19 pandemic upended businesses everywhere. Business owners still want to network, yet want to do so safely. TapTok makes that possible.

Small business owners rely on direct and face-to-face meetings with potential clients. With an alarming number of small businesses already shuttered or filing for bankruptcy, anything that can help them stay afloat is a welcome life raft for them. TapTok is already helping entrepreneurs and small businesses maintain and obtain new clients thanks to the contactless card currently available from the company.

TapTok is currently available in two different versions. One is something called a TapTok Card and looks like a beefy business card or credit card. It features a custom profile that lets you add information like your logo, social media pages, website, email address, and more. It is also possible to update this information at any time. You even get analytics that show you actions that were taken from your profile. There is also protection that ensures if your card is lost or stolen, the information will be locked. No apps or batteries are needed to run this modernized business card.

The other version TapTok comes in is a Dot that can be affixed to any surface, although it’s usually placed on the back of a smartphone. Besides contact sharing, it can provide real-time updates of contact information, analytics of actions taken from the contact page, and even lead generation. Any and all information can be changed an unlimited number of times. 

Jaime saw a real problem facing small businesses and figured out a solution for at least one of the pain points they are currently experiencing. TapTok may very well be the reason why some businesses manage to stay afloat during these times of social distancing. Jaime believes that businesses will be quick to adopt the modernized business cards given the circumstances. He looks ahead to the future, when he believes paper business cards will be yet another relic of ages past. 

You can learn more about TapTok by heading over to its website. You can also follow TapTok on Facebook and Instagram


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