Jackson Yew’s Inspiring Journey from Sales Engineer to the Co-Founder of Funnel Duo Media

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Not having money isn’t an excuse for not being successful. This is what Jackson Yew, the co-founder of Funnel Duo Media, a company that now makes seven figures in revenue consistently, has to say about life. The company has earned the incredible feat of winning the ClickFunnels Two-Comma Club three times in 2020 alone. According to Jackson, working hard and working smart always pays off. Even if you don’t earn enough now or are not happy with your job, you should keep working toward your goal. Most people leave midway. But Jackson didn’t.

Jackson’s early life

Jackson’s parents made just enough to live by. He craved toys from his parents because he didn’t have many. This craving was just the beginning to making it big in life. The simple thought that you can work hard and achieve what you desire came from such humble beginnings. 

His parents enrolled him in a college from where he got his engineering degree. Jackson was fond of mechanical engineering. He even got a scholarship to pursue his Master’s degree in mechanical engineering in Taiwan.

He landed his first job after graduation when he was 24. Jackson started as a Sales Engineer for a company selling palm oil machines in Malaysia. He had to drive in and out of Malaysia frequently. His job involved inspecting machines and counting cash. Despite being in line with what he studied, his career didn’t give Jackson the satisfaction he hoped for. And so, he left his job after two years and started a ship salvaging company.

Surviving tough times

Although his business became successful in the first six months, he and his partner had split opinions after one year. It led to mismanagement in internal affairs, taking a toll on the company’s finances. The company lasted for two years before they had to shut it down. Jackson was bankrupt at that time. He did not have money for food or rent, and he eventually had to move back home.

But even in these challenging times, Jackson learned a valuable lesson: business needs proper management and expertise. You can become successful if you have these two qualities. Soon, he started providing website solutions and web design services to clients from the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. He wanted to make enough money to start another company. His hard work didn’t go unnoticed as he began to make double each month by growing his international clientele.

Building his digital marketing agency

Once Jackson and his brother Reeve had enough money, they started a digital marketing agency called Funnel Duo Media. They used their business consultation experience, marketing strategies, and building landing pages to serve their clients. It didn’t take them long to make a 6-figure revenue every month.

Jackson also uses his leadership qualities to train students on high-income online skills. He even shared the stage with some of the industry greats, such as Anik Singal, Blair Singer, Jay Abraham, and Robert Kiyosaki, in 2019 at an event conducted by Success Resources to speak about how to sustain and grow an online business.

Jackson’s life is an example that challenging moments are temporary. Your hard work is what leaves a permanent impression on others.


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