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Lior Poly puts Feelers out for Young San Francisco Entrepreneurs to Mentor

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Angel investor and marketing guru Lior Poly turns his attention to San Francisco, in searching for a new mentorship candidate. In a feat of generosity not often seen among the world of high-flying business people, Lior Poly has emerged as a true hero to the masses. The investor, technological whizz-kid, and corporate magician have been putting out feelers in the San Francisco area. Why? He’s seeking the next big thing in marketing.

Success is Never Guaranteed in the Corporate World

Although success doesn’t come as standard for every person on Wall Street, Lior Poly has managed to gain notoriety in the corporate world all by himself. A self-taught website builder, Lior buys domains and creates websites that he then sells on for a profit. 

As well as this lucrative scheme, Lior makes his millions through affiliate marketing, forward planning, and accurate foresight into up-and-coming marketing trends. Most recently, Lior has been asked to share his ideas online, although he doesn’t class himself as a writer. When pushed further, he admitted that he preferred to be thought of as ‘the ideas guy’.

A Bumpy Road to Fame

Success wasn’t always written on the cards for a young Lior. This young man started with a single laptop and ended with an entire online domain. Lior Poly was almost kicked out of school at the age of fifteen. He wasn’t a troublemaker, he just preferred to spend the time learning how to write websites… and now he is looking for someone who will carry on in his footsteps.

After making a series of wise investments and achieving every goal he has set for himself, Lior Poly has turned his attention to the travel industry. The 2020/21 period has been a disappointment for everyone… but this current crisis won’t last forever. Soon, the world economy will pick back up again, borders will open, and delays will be forgotten. When that happens, Lior will be ready with the funds to back big projects, in a big way.

Passing the Flame

With so much self-made success behind him, Lior is acutely aware that it is time to start giving back to the world. While he has been seeking out new talent in the community that supported him, he hasn’t been successful so far. Lior has been forced to cast his net further afield in an effort to look for the next big thing in internet entrepreneurship. Could it be a San Francisco resident? Could it be you?

You can follow Lior Poly on Instagram for regular updates and marketing advice. Alternatively, follow him on Facebook to keep abreast of what he does next. Lior says entrepreneurs with the right niche could be making millions right now. You need something broad, with a generic appeal that continually comes in waves. Competitive niches are great because they let you get a feel for market worth and how much to invest.

You never know, he might notice you, become your mentor, and take you along for the ride.

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