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“Creative DNA is a graphic designing and social media marketing Company that communicates its client’s story beyond the surface of things and explore both the minute detail and the big picture”

Graphic Designing is a creativity of expressing business ideas in the form of communication through expressions. Indeed, any visual image or video speaks more than just words making it the effective means of communication in the world of digitalization. Expert’s states that creatives and graphics creates a better impact on the customers than words and in this context designing and graphics made itself as the key for branding and marketing. Amongst various options in the market Creative DNA stands out in the market with their services of Video Editing, Social Networking, and website Development and content writing.

Solid branding is a necessity for every business and brand but you might be confused where to begin and how do you find the right platform? What you must consider? Well do not fret as Creative DNA is a team of business brand expert that will help you guide a long way. Before we dive deep into details lets understand what does branding actually means?

“Any website, logo and marketing related to it become a part of branding. To simply craft, your brand reflects who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. Your brand is your word of honour to your customer”

Creative DNA, a venture by Harivansh Narang came into being to make the business and its product information to the audience in the easiest way possible with their exceptional skills. It made itself on the top with a huge client base with their best marketing strategies which in turn helped many brands and business excel in their domain. Their innovative approach and out of the box solutions helps to build faith in their customers. The company has created a wide variety of designs of logos and website development for prime companies in India along with graphic designing, Video shooting and video editing for reputable singers from Punjabi film Industry.

Proper branding and marketing is the vital part of every business irrespective of its size that helps to stand out amongst its competitors. In the words of the founder “We at Creative DNA, are specialized in branding, graphic designing, visual communication for print and digital marketing and we help our clients with unique designs that helps them in lead generation together with retention of the existing clients which is no less than appealing”. Creative DNA’s brand strategy and brand design service enables every business grow a purposeful business with clarity and ease with the delivery of a clear message and focus in goal.

An entrepreneur at heart and founder of the Creative DNA Harivansh Narang is a personality with extraordinary mind with great ideas and the drive and commitment that leaves a positive impact on the clients. Hailing from Fazilka Punjab, Harivansh stands out in the market with unique, excellent, the best and smartest business solution and this is something nobody else have in similar. The transformation of his creativity and unique mind to analyze the needs and problems are satisfied and solved with the myriad of services provided by his venture Creative DNA.

Plethora of services offered by Creative DNA includes:

– Business card design

– Brand identification

– Hoarding design

– Social Media Interaction

– Logo Design

– Certificate design

– Menu design

– Prescription Pad design

-Food Package design

-Video editing

-Video Shooting

-Website Development

-Website design

Build your brand with substance and grow your business with clarity and ease only with Creative DNA. Create a brand and business for your customers that help them stand apart from the crowd. Connect with them now on Instagram


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