How The NFT Hype Is Securing Instant Sell-Out For Stoner Ape Club

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The NFT hype on social media has been through the roof the past couple of months. From apes to cats abstract art and obscene virtual items, some projects are quite literally catching on fire.

6,666 Stoned Apes are up for grabs, come January 30th.

The Stoner Ape Club project, backed by a team of full fledged social media influencers, are expected to release end of this month. And their community will not stay silent about it.

Their Twitter account has grown over 94,000 followers in just a month. Their Discord? Chaos. People are dying to get their hands on these images of stoned apes. But it doesn’t stop there. Over the coming weeks and months, “aftermarket” sales will likely generate a lot of activity for the influencers behind the project.

Measuring the activity of their socials, the project with only 6,666 items up for grabs, is expected to sell out in mere seconds.


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