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Kushal Mistry, the founder of ‘Amdavadi Man’ on his way to create a legacy in comedy content creation

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Kushal Mistry is a comedian from Ahmedabad, Gujarat who has been making comic videos since 2017 on his YouTube channel ‘Amdavadi Man.’ He started his career as a meme artist while he was completing his engineering from Vishwakarma Govt. Engineering College. His Instagram Page @kushalmistryofficial is living proof of his amazing meme work on the page. The meme was more relatable as he drew the ideas out from the regular life frustration and observation. He soon wanted to make his video with some help and that is when he approached his three classmates Parth Parmar, Jatin Prajapati, and Vijay Gurjar. They along with Kushal made their first video called ‘Gujju’s While Driving, Lukhkha Friends, Amdavadi Man Vs Wild ’ This video was a success after which they started making more videos on popular demands. They were able to cover Movie and Song Parody, movie and TV Serial Spoof, Observation, Sketch Comedy, daily life problems, trending, and relatable topics, and twisted humor amongst many other genres. The effort put across got Kushal a lot of attention and he soon touched a 10k subscriber on his YouTube Channel.

‘I am glad that audiences then were supportive enough and they loved the variety in my content. Our team puts a lot of effort when making these crazy ideas. The first video we made gave us a boost and helped us be more confident. I am a person who never wants to share anything private. It’s more like I am a private person in general; however, these videos got me good and now I can’t stop being in front of the camera. The great part about making varied content is that we have learned to be not afraid of anything new in humor. The success of my channel makes me always stick around to this.’ With this thought, his channel is once again in the race to win more hearts hitting a million very soon.

He has been able to upload more than 180 videos and is still working on making a new genre of content. His movie parodies are one of the best uploads his team has worked on. His team even made videos on YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok josh marking them as prominent comedians of Gujarat. From kids to senior citizens, every section of the audience has something to watch on his channel. Kushal mentioned, ‘The collaboration with Kinjal Dave, Vijay Suvada, Malhar Thakar, Aarohi Patel, Yash Soni, and Sidhdharth Randeriya got us great experiences other than we got over 130 million views on a single YouTube Short Video. I even got an opportunity to collaborate with Badshah and meet my two favorites Sonu Sood and Ranvijay Singha. What a blessing this is to me and my team. Today I feel happy to see how much I have grown as a comedian through all the love I have been receiving on Instagram and YouTube. We shall keep uploading interesting videos for the audiences and ensure that we can come up with the new idea to make people laugh.’

Kushal and his team are now working on new series based on School life with around 6 to 8 episodes. They have already uploaded the first two episodes of the series recently and are working on the other parts of the series currently. He has also added, ‘I have had a great journey from a meme artist to a comedian now; however, I also want to explore more opportunities. I aim to write and direct a Gujarati film in the future and I am actively looking to work towards it. Since I never had a plan B other than entertaining the audience, I wish to show them this side of me soon. We plan to also visit different genres of comedy in the future. This will help us reach maximum audiences across the globe. Active promotions are one of our strategies to help us get recognized worldwide for our work. Since all of us are young we also strive to learn more from experienced people by watching our idols in comedy. This allows us to know more about different perspectives, helping us to create varied content.’ Kushal Mistry is one of the most promising comedians of today and his fans and followers are all excited to see his upcoming work.


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