The Inspiring Journey of Bhavya Gutti to being the rising star among Telugu Authors

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Bhavya Gutti

Born and brought up in Visakhapatnam, Bhavya Gutti is a budding author in Telugu. She feels that being able to pen down her emotions is one the best gifts mother universe has given her.

In this article we are going discuss about how Bhavya has transformed herself from a Telugu fail student in class 6th to an author in Telugu. She took it as a challenge to learn Telugu alphabets and literature in class 7th as it used to be a board exam in those days. Later unknowingly she fell in love with the beauty of the language and made it as a hobby to read new synonyms and antonyms everyday in daily. It made her gain a little depper knowledge on Telugu literature. Her lover for her mother tongue Telugu made her write in Telugu from the age of 18.

Along with an 8 hour daily job and working as a freelancer Radio Jockey she always dreamt of getting her own book published. She has put in a lot of hard work and has undergone lot of time management struggles to achieve her dreams.

Obviously, it is impossible for person to manage multiple things at the same time, because writing itself needs a serene mind. She says she was able to acheive her dreams only because of her effective time management strategies and with the support of her family & friends. Also she expresses her sincere gratitude to her Telugu teachers in school.

Till date, Bhavya has written close to 100 quotations & poems in Telugu. She says that her writings are related to day to day emotions which everyone goes through at one or the other point in life.

To talk about her debut book Manasu Palike Bhaavanalu, Manasu Palike Bhaavanalu is not just a book, it is a roller coaster ride of human emotions. Life is a combination of short stories you live with every person you meet. Every person will leave an emotional impact on you. A series of such stories and emotions penned down in the form of poems and quotations is our book Manasu Palike Bhaavanalu.

To be exact, Bhavya is not just a simple writer, she can emotionally touch people with her writings. Infact she once went to a famous FM station as a guest talker for reading out her poems on FM. It was then she got chance to work as a freelancer Radio Jockey.

Besides being multi talented, Bhavya was always good in her school. She loved Biology, but destiny made her pursue BTech from ECE stream. Not to anybody’s surprise she cleared it with distinction. But she choose not to continue in the same stream and settled as a banking professional.

For all the Telugu readers across the world, if you really want to go on an emotional roller coaster ride, read through the book Manasu Palike Bhaavanalu. We hope you find your story too in our book.


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