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Saara states The Selfish Betrayals by Author Abhishek Kapoor deserves more than five stars

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Book: The Selfish Betrayals – from inevitable to impossible

Author: Abhishek Kapoor

Rating: 5/5

Review by: Saara – India’s leading book reviewer

Have you ever read a story which leaves you in turmoil, making you sick and irritated that what the hell was this??? The climax is totally opposite to what you had been expecting out of it . So.. yes!! This is one of such books, that definitely gonna kick you in the guts. It’s the story of a famous, heart throbbing investigator Monty C. Dhingra who is said to be quite diligent and sharp , known for his great investigation skills and a great personality… But this case takes away his peace and leaves him perplexed about who might have killed the sensation of the city, the famous actress Scarlett White. The three suspects are her husband Har Gurjeet singh, her driver Sooraj singh also with whom she had some past affairs, and her tailor Shams- ud- din who seems to be sharing bitter past relations with her customer. Now , as the investigation paces , it becomes more and more complicated… The investigator after a huge toil succeeds to find the answers to his unanswered question regarding the murder but sometimes even truth comes wrapped in a blanket of deceits, hurt and helplessness. So what does Monty face out of it?? Will he be able to solve the case? Will the truth be revealed or there’s much more in the box for the readers? To find these answers just go and get this book as early as possible.

A gripping story with very well portrayal of characters, great vocabulary and writing skills. The narration goes so well as if the scenes are getting played in front of my eyes. This is a debut work of author bt it didn’t feel like one, there is deftness in the writing style. Overall, I found the story extremely interesting and catchy. Talking about the book cover , that’s the main attraction of the book that creates a curiosity in the mind of the reader, the title cannot be more apt than this. I really loved reading this book and hoped this book never ended. If you looking for an engaging read with effect of thrill and suspense , go for this.

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