Success Story of a serial Entrepreneur Arif Saifi

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Talent and resilience knows no bounds together with will, if you have to accomplish something then everything is possible no matter how tiny you start with. Indeed, every big thing starts with small journey with just a hope achieving and reaching to great height. Needless to say, there are ocean of business opportunities but making use of it with an aim defines you as a winner. Such definition justifies the story of an entrepreneur Arif Saifi who with his sheer grit and determination overcame all odds and made himself counted on the top with his not just one venture but a chain of it.

29 year old Arif was born and brought up in Aligarh. People may not know him as a famous personality but people do consider him as one of the coolest business tycoon. This makes Arif a distinguished personality at a highest level. His journey towards success as an accomplished serial entrepreneur was not smooth he had endured lots of hardships and struggles to rise himself in the category of a serial entrepreneur. He was committed to influence the world through his great work. What make him unique are his creative ideas along with the thinking out of the box approach. 

Arif’s struggling journey has begun when he was 16 years old. He came to Delhi from Aligarh in search of work. At that young age he did not consider struggle as a struggle and just like any other beginner he took a job in a retail shop as a small worker. He had a quest on learning new things as his dreams of doing something great was intact. He never considered any odds as a moment of distress rather he had respected his time as a beginning of something great. He knew what he had to do next. He further completed his study in website design and website development and started with his own venture from the scratch. The one that started as a small venture of Digital marketing agency with the service of web designing and web development had now reached to zenith level. This was possible only because of full potential of Arif. He remained intact to his goals, diversified it and expanded its wings to Baba group.

As his business starts to get bigger, he had developed strategies to foster and continue that growth. He had started with Findindeed Pvt Ltd now Baba group has expanded its wings to Baba cafe chain, Baba Chocolates, Baba Helicopter and it is being claimed that Baba Group is soon going to begin with the operation of Baba Film Production. As a matter of fact, the process of reaching at such a level through each step did not happen in a day or two he was determined to work on his aim and purpose on his own way. 

Though the venture has been started as solo by Arif he feels really blessed to have found Bunty Baba as his business partner from Bhopal who is also the director of Findindeed Pvt Ltd.

The journey of Arif towards his success is worth commendable. He is that overachiever who has made a difference in the world with his contribution in the field of business which did not happened overnight. He is today an inspiration for all which eventually inspire others to follow the same footsteps. He had built his business with blood, sweat and tears and now is helping others by generating job opportunities.

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