Niriksha Patel is the talented author who is an inspiration for every homemaker

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Niriksha Patel is the talented author who is an inspiration for every homemaker. Niriksha was born and brought up in Mumbai in a traditional Gujarati family. Her story from a homemaker and a girl with minimal ambitions to an author who inspires one and all, is really the one that everyone should know.

Niriksha Patel was born on 17th september 1988 and grew up in the city of Mumbai.
Born and brought up in traditional Gujarati family she was not encouraged to make her own career. Being told time and again that it is her duty to take care of house and raise childrens. Which led to her having no ambitions and she did not imagine herself doing anything apart from cooking, Although she loves cooking but still she felt that there was something missing from her life.

After completing her in textiles her cousin introduced her to the world of novels and since than reading became her favourite pastime. She married at 24 and gave birth to a boy at the age of 28. While raising her child she felt that there are lots of books available on manners and general knowledge for kids but not much stuff is available on teaching the art of manifesting their desire. She wanted to become an author but was not confident enough to fulfill that dream. Her friends motivated her to write her first book. That is how Om learns gratitude and other good values was published.

It is available on the link given below

In the book she has explained the concept of gratitude, positive affirmations and visualization through funny and simple stories. Since than she has written for various anthologies and also writes poems for the app ttt (terribly tiny tales). The link of which you can find below.
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She also has her instagram page named ‘The magic lessons.’

JK rowling is her role model and someday she wishes to create same magic with her future books that she created with harry potter series.

She wakes up at 5 every in the morning. Does meditation for one hour followed by yoga. She is an avid follower of BK Shivani and watches her youtube videos daily. She finds them therapeutic and soul empowering. She not only believes in keeping her body healthy but also keeping her mind and soul healthy is important for her. She believes that words have magic and if used in correct combination they have the power to heal and empower the soul. That is what she wants to achieve through her stories.

Her work has been applauded by various leading newspaers like outlook, the tribune, statesman, mid-day, hindustan metro, deccan herald etc. The link of which you can find below:

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