Meet the author of 32 books who is professor and researcher by profession and author by passion – Suvasish Mukhopadhyay

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Suvasish Mukhopadhyay is an Indian author and civil engineer, who is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Pune. Suvasish Mukhopadhyay has authored a technical book on fluid mechanics and 32 other non-fiction as well as fictional novels. Recently he has recieved “Best Indian Author’s Award 2021”. Apart from this he has recieved several awards and honours for his research and for literary works. Recently he has published his book “The Rise of the Setting Sun” which is based on the true events that happened in Animesh’s who is the central character of this story. Animesh a boy who doesn’t belongs from a rich family, he was born in Uttarpara and he was second child of his parents, started his journey. His journey with several ups and downs but he never gave up. This book tells that “Sun Never Sets”. Only the cycle of Setting in the West and rising in the east can be seen by different peoples sitting in different corners of the World. Animesh ‘s never-ending struggles of life from every ups and downs and how he moved forward to rise like a shinning star in the crowd of twinkling stars in dark night. Each and every chapters of this book has different stories about Animesh from his childhood days till he achieved his milestone. “Life is a game, you have to play with it. Life is full of struggles, you have to pass through it. Life is an exam, you have to be prepared for it.” Like Animesh what he did always in his life. A very heart touching story of a boy is really touching the hearts of thousands of peoples across the globe. This book has set a record of highest selling within few days. After 1.5 months of it’s release, this book is still bestseller in self help category. This Book has set record of bestselling on Amazon in self help category #01. Education and refrence #01 and biography and true accounts rank #01.

When i asked him about his other books, he said, Yes I am coming super soon along with another books in next month. He has not declared genre and story plot but I am sure that he will come again to set another record.

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