Mahdi Laith: The Maverick Entrepreneur who aims to betterment of wildlife in Iraq.

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Entrepreneur Mahdi Laith is a public figure, senior wildlife activist and Researcher in Iraqi reptiles. He has devoted his life for the wellbeing of reptiles and has been doing great work for better cohabitation of reptiles and humans

Mahdi Laith is also the founder of @darbunah, which is a traditional family restaurant aimed to demonstrate the traditional feeling of Iraq to its customers.

 Born and brought up in a very humble background where he had no means of food or shelter, entrepreneur Mahdi Laith has grown to be a very humble and down to earth person. He understands that his life is nothing but a blessing and he is determined to use his life for the betterment of his cause. The memories of his childhood and his family are the biggest source of inspiration for him.

He is a member of the Iraqi Green Climate Organization and founded the The saviors team for wildlife , which has many educational and volunteer activities promoting wildlife and animal protection. He participated in several recordings and discoveries; the first of their kind in Iraq, including the Iraqi Eyelid Gecko and the Persian Spider-tailed Viper.

He took the initiative to organise dozens of wildlife workshops for children, with the hope that the youth of Iraq will grow up with a sense of responsibility, love and awareness towards animals and wild life. On Wildlife day, he initiated the organisation of many festivals that took place in Iraqi universities and several public venues, successfully introducing people to animals, and breaking the barrier of misunderstanding and fear towards animals.

As a  successful entrepreneur activist with years
of experience, Mahdi Laith has been very actively Passing his knowledge to the next generation. He has written a lot on the topic of wildlife rescue and constantly shares discussions with various people to gain support for the cause from the Iraqi Government. He is considered the first and only influencer in the study of Iraq’s wildlife and environment. He is a strong opponent of poaching, and has campaigned to stop poachers and their illegal trade of endangered animals through social media.

Entrepreneur Mahdi Laith believes that for any kind of success one must toil hard. If a person takes a shortcut for success then even after he achieves the success he would not be able to retain it for a long time. He has more than 194k followers on his Instagram where he actively shares pictures and videos in support of his cause and sometimes also shares videos from his restaurant.


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