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“Love and respect old age people because you are aging too.” Keeping this thought in mind, Amity Law School, Amity University, Lucknow Campus celebrated the Day of Belongingness under the guidance of the respected Director, Amity Law School, Prof. Dr. J.P. Yadav. A visit was paid to the Aastha Old Age Home situated in Mahanagar, Lucknow to celebrate the feeling of care and compassion.

The visit was managed under the leadership of faculty coordinators, Dr. Reshma Umair and Dr. Kumkum Srivastava and they were accompanied by students of law department, this day is always celebrated with fervor by all the Amitians. Where the world is running behind the earthly possession, this day makes everyone realize the importance of bond of love and togetherness.

The ambience of the home enlightened when the students visited the hospital and every patient of the hospital was at gay. As a part of the offering, the university gifted the old age hospital with fruits, sweets, biscuits, garments, bouquets and other varieties. Students visited each ward and offered the presents to the patient and upon seeing them, the face of every patient was sparkling. Thereafter, to celebrate the bond of belongingness, cake was cut by gathering the patients to make them feel loved.

The aroma that was created by the students was speechless as every patient over there rejoiced and became retrospective. Each patient explaining to the students the importance of life and how not to lose faith in the almighty. They blessed the students and the University with good luck. It was a sight worth watching.

At last, they had an interaction with the founder of the Aastha Old Age Home, Dr. Abhishek Shukla and he shared with the students the importance of care and support that every parent or an old person demands while that person is aging. He emphasized that how with each passing year the life of old people at the age where they need maximum support are left alone and seek the help of old age hospital.

It is the duty of every child to take care of the old people because once we would get to that age too.

The Amity Law School, Amity University Lucknow Campus has tried to spread the message that amongst the worldly possessions, do not forget to support the biggest possession you have- your parents.


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