Khyati Dinesh Jagtap believes that ‘Poetry has a sole in itself’

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Khyati Jagtap is a verse maker(poet) published in title such as ‘SECRET’ , ‘Sufiyana Ishq’ and more additional upcoming title as ‘Retrouvilles’ , ‘Romance’ ,
‘HURT’ , ‘Thoughts of around’ which are shortly going to be out. She believes that ‘Poetry has sole in itself’ , it’s certainly not at all inferior then a story or a novel. She’s jut sixteen, but the beauty to her poetry by using immense phrases and expressing her emotions, can tear once heart.She a future psychologist, a modern contemporary and Latin dancer, a artist, and also a certified author but that’s really the present tense. She’s a fucker for meaningful and thoughtful poems.
Also have a look at her poetry page on Instagram: _blissfullthoughts for her magnificent poetry’s.

Let us go through one of her poetry titled – The unaware side

Separations are unusually usual at present,
But no means, it isn’t simply painless,
Overlooking to it seems effortless,
But letting it slip, isn’t!
Universe isn’t really enlightened of non-success
As equal as this,
Victory isn’t unfailingly constant but neither non performance are the total upcoming,
At hours while ourself sense shattered, unaware and discouraged,
Uncertainty doubting our sole is all that one continues its way to,
Along with the nightmare of being discriminated, misjudged and compared,
Entirely at one point, it observers as life has paused, and it’s solely us only who is suffering,
Cause usually all we seem to notice at exterior are untroubled individuals profiles on social platforms,
We fail to remember that this isn’t reality,
and it’s not only one self struggling in the battle,
Cause at the end,
Initially everything has a unaware side to it.


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