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“I wanted to become an actor”, says Anas Shamsi, the youngest celebrity photographer of India.

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Anas Shamsi, the fashion and celebrity photographer in Delhi says that he wanted to become an actor in the beginning. Anas is not any other photographer but one of the youngest celebrity photographers in India. He has worked with many A-lister celebrities in Bollywood and thus his saying that it was not his first choice interests the people admiring and praising his talent.
Anas further added that he had worked hard to become an actor. He had done many auditions and was also selected under Balaji TV Films banner for a daily soap. It was a dream come true opportunity for him but fate had something else decided for him. At the time when Anas had the opportunity of his life, he was struck by serious health issues. To make it worse he got some family issues at the same time.

Anas Shamsi, youngest fashion and celebrity photographer

Due to all these problems, he said no to his dream opportunity. It took a lot of time for Anas to recover from the losses he faced. He observed himself and understood what his real talent was. He could not become an actor or a model so he decided to help the aspiring youngsters to become the same. He became a ‘Fashion and Celebrity photographer’ and thus started helping new actors and models to build their portfolios. Today, if Anas is to be introduced, this is what it would be:

Anas Shamsi, youngest fashion and celebrity photographer

Anas Shamsi is a well-known fashion and celebrity photographer in the Bollywood industry. He has worked with hundreds of newcomers and also A-listers in the BTown. He has helped many newcomers to build a winning portfolio and excel in the industry. He is a youth icon and must follow personality for every young and success-seeking person.
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