Don’t be afraid to be ambitious about your goals, says SHANIYA NAWAZ, a young, dedicated and deserving author from Bihar

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DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE AMBITIOUS ABOUT YOUR GOALS. HARDWORK NEVER STOPS. NEITHER SHOULD YOUR DREAMS is well explained by the most dedicated and deserving author Shaniya Nawaz.
Shaniya Nawaz belongs to a small village in Bihar. She has been writing her thoughts since she was in grade 7.She’s an author, executive director in a private company,Fashion influencer and Winner of numerous awards in various categories.

From her very young age, Shaniya has been an avid reader and a keen observer, She has done her schooling from D.A.V. medical in Bihar. Now She is pursuing her Law degree in Delhi. Her journey from a writer to a co-author, to a compiler , to a record holder, to an award winning Writer and poetess has been wonderful.
She is a compiler of more than 20 Books till date namely AN UNKNOWN STORY, CURFEWED PARADISE, MELODIOUS WORDS, LIFE AHEAD, WOMEN AS WARRIORS, STOP KILLING YOUR SOUL and many more and co-author for 100+ national and international anthologies. She holds more than 25 awards by various organization for her writing like :
1. Indian Noble Award
2. Elite Book Award
3. The Press Walla Award
4. The Forever Star India Award
5. The Sylvia Plath Memorial Women’s Literary Award
6. India Prime Icon Award
7. Women Leadership Award 2022
8. Foxclues India Prime Award 2021
9. India’s Top Ten Women Achiever’s Award
10. Forever Star India Award
11. Writer of the year Award
12. Glantor x Nation Choice Award
13. Bhartiya Youth Face Of India Award
14. Stellar Talent Award
15. Awards Arc
16. Literary Award Q2 2022
17. Firebox Bhartiya Icon Award and many more.

she has featured in many newspaper and magazines like :
11. TAARE ZAMIN PAR MAGAZINE and many more.
She is currently working on her solo book, which she plans to release this year and her upcoming Islamic anthology The Status Of Women In Islam according to Quran and Hadith.
Besides being a writer and compiler, Shaniya is the Executive Director of Aspirant Archivers pvt Ltd , also a Senior Coordinator of a publishing house “The Quill House”.  and the Graphic Head and event head,Social activist and public Speaker as well.

She doesn’t believe that she is perfect , as she thinks that if we become perfect in our work then there is no chance of growth in it. She keeps success two step ahead so that she puts her best efforts to achieve it. Obviously, It is tough for people to become a writer unless and until they are thinking smartly. Without any efforts it would not have been possible for her to reach such heights.
She made her significant contribution for a mission held by aspirant achivers,named “stop rape save humanity”.

Apart from this Shaniya has a deep interest in reading , she considers books as her mentors and keeps on reiterating people to read more and more.

Initially Shaniya received no support from her family but later on they got convinced by her passion and hard work, and eventually they started to support her and gave her confidence to go ahead.

Shaniya is the first Author from her village ,While talking with our team- Fox Interviewer she said that she started writing at her very young age.
The motive behind her writing is to encourage and inspire our young generation. 

Interview with Shaniya Nawaz

1. Tell us about yourself.

Currently I am pursuing LLB from a reputed college in Delhi, apart from my education I am an author, Graphic Designer, Event head, Senior Coordinator, Executive Director, Social Activist, and a winner of numerous awards.

My aim is to make a difference in the society and touch the hearts of the people through my work and my writings.

I have developed a sense of empathy towards all living beings since I have myself went through a lot of ups and downs and had faced some bitter circumstances , low self esteem, negative criticisms etc, which made me doubt my abilities. All of these motivated me to break through this wall of misry , to create my own identity and to motivate others who are facing similar circumstances.

2. How does it feel to be an award winner for your amazing work?

Every writer craves to be read and appreciated. The awards I receive confirms that my message is getting delivered to the masses and that make me feel like I’m doing something of greater value, contributing to the betterment of the society as whole.

It feels surreal to be the best author and poetess , audience choice winner, I’m soaking in this feeling.

3. What would be your two-line advice to upcoming writers?

Summing up this journey in two line is that
Don’t be afraid of the criticisms. Do what makes you happy and write what you feel.

At the beginning people will daunt you at it, demotivate you for sure. Be focused on your goal and be true to what you feel.


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