Author Sakshi Jain worked hard with determination to reach her predefined goals

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Born and brought up in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. Sakshi Jain is a patriotic girl and a dedicated person. However, how did she begin her journey and what actually motivated her to contribute more into the writing career?

In this article we must discuss about how Sakshi Jain worked hard with at most determination to reach her predefined goals, without her efforts it would not have been possible for her to reach such heights. She started her writing career in Lockdown period . For her Lockdown was a boon.
Being an individual with talents, She loves dancing, singing, drawing, acting, cooking and travelling.

Till date, Sakshi Jain has compiled 14 anthologies and has worked along with several other authors, being the Co – Author in 50+ anthologies. Win 500+ certificates. She loves poetry of different and unique themes like: love, time, maturity, feminine.

With her life motto ‘Life is One, One is Precious’ she has a mindset. Every creature is unique on this planet and has blessed with powers and multi talents. It is up to us how we utilise our time and talents.

At last, she wants to deliver a message that ‘Never lose hope , Always dream high. With your selfless efforts, you all can reach the skies with rainbow colors.’

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