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Author E.A. Naami talks about her journey behind her bestselling book- “The spirits of the hill castle”

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“Full of scepticism! To be honest with you, I was afraid if I could write the whole story, but I finally finished it. I’m proud and satisfied with the whole story of The spirits of the hill castle”, this is what author E.A. Naami shares when asked about some behind the scenes of her book.

Author shares how she got an idea to write this book. Three years back, she had a dream which was relating to an anime (in a boarding school, there was a distinguished and intelligent student who saw a girl in the school and the girl was surprised that he saw her because she was a ghost. Then she went to the school, guard told him about the same and he was surprised her; since the boy saw her, it means that he will die.)

Author states- waking up to this sentence she got angry. She wanted to complete the story and know what would happen. After working for months on this fictional project she was able to complete the story of Elias and Tim’s spirit.

“The amount of fun to write a story, even with the difficulties that come with it, I found myself enjoying writing the book. I feel it is very much important to enjoy the work that you do.”

Being a writer means that you have a whole different world in your head and it is not less than a magic to be able to write the world in your head on a piece of paper and turn it to a book. 

The title of the book depicts what the story is about. The spirits in the castle and their impact on the human world. It is about the difficulties that students face because of their parents and society. It talks about how does the past incidents affect teenagers and their behaviour.

Author has poured her heart to complete the book. If you are a fiction lover, definitely this will be a treat to your reading time. 

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