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A New Taste To Jazz And Hip-Hop

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A lot of today’s music is quite repetitive. You’re getting the same beats, similar sound effects, and the same tempos. Even the lyrics are nothing but constant one-liner repetitions. That kind of music isn’t even relaxing to the nerves. Just look at today’s crazed generation. Overhyped on energy, with music being too fast for appreciation. That’s not a way to appreciate art. Yet, that’s the “form of art” that makes money in today’s music industry. You’d have to look long and hard to find successes who can bring beautiful music to the table.

Shovon Ahmed
Shovon Ahmed

Fortunately, there’s Still Good Music Around.
How about jazz music? An unpopular option for many listeners, but an alluring one when combined with modern music.

The blending of futuristic modernity and the classics is what you’ll get with ‘Shovon Ahmed.” Shovon is a talented music visionary who has managed to combine hip-hop and jazz into a full album!

The music you’ll receive is predominantly jazz, with a mixes of hip-hop, melodic pop, and electro soul. Consider it to be the perfect transmutation of jazz music into the 21st century.

You won’t be getting this kind of music from the average jazz player though. Shovon Ahmed is a talented prodigy who has worked with grand icons in the music industry. One includes the legendary trumpeter Arturo Sandoval (the 10-time Grammy award winner).

If you didn’t know, Paul was a pupil of Arturo Sandoval. Both have provided an online video series, playing covers of many musical soundtracks.

One does simply not get chosen by a legendary Grammy-winning musician to assist in playing musical soundtracks. You need some talent to get to that level…

The work’s on YouTube too if you want to see it yourself.

Shovon has also worked with a mix of highly successful artists in the music industry. Aiding him in sharpening his talents was the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, where Shovon had previously performed as part of her band. Even the records of David Bryan (Bon Jovi’s keyboardist) have been influenced by Shovon. Shovon’s jazz skills contributed to David Bryan’s 2010 Tony Award.

The Hidden Gem You Should Add to Your Music List.
There’s probably one question that should be one your mind right now…

“If Shovon’s really that good, why isn’t he well-known?”

You shouldn’t worry about that. He will be, thanks to his new album.

Shovon Ahmed has released a new single on March 7th 2021 titled “Amar Dehokhan.” Providing you with a long-awaited modern-jazz musical mix. Here, you’ll get jazz music embedded with a futuristic vibe for today’s techno lovers, and the appreciators of the old.

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