The wait for Death is over: Aaj Vi Ohdi Wait, the last installment of musical series, Pleasure of Pain, by Triple S, has stormed the audiences!

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Delivered. Yes, Death delivered through Pleasure, of Pain and the Love behind it was marvelously depicted in the last episode of Pleasure of Pain by Triple S. The Aaj Vi Ohdi Wait has won over the hearts and minds of the audience wrenching the truth of pain immersed so deeply that death is inevitable. Is it possible to love someone so much? TRIPLE S has fogged the whole video with he loving pain such that Death is just a side-effect, it had to come!

Triple S has walked the talk. It was invoked in the minds of the industry veterans and were doubtful if the audience could be glued to such musical series with a small script. But Triple S and his fans has proved that the however small the story is the making and the display of emotions is all that matters. If it reaches the bottomless pit of the audiences hearts the music is like an elixir to the Soul. Triple S has done, exactly the same. Ten years of waiting for death due to commitment is a value to be preserved and nurtured and this is demonstrated so well by the character played by Triple S that he seems to have lived it!

Now that Triple S is established so well in the audiences that they are waiting for more. So is the music industry waiting for more music from him.


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