Dr. Rakhi Sharma is a homeopathic medical officer, passionate writer and poet from Balaghat

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Dr. Rakhi Sharma is a homeopathic medical officer, passionate writer and poet from Balaghat. Madhya Pradesh girl Dr. Rakhi Sharma is currently working in District Covid Command. After publishing her articles in eight poetry collections till now, “Pareshan Zulfon Sa Ishq.. Bas Itna Hi” is the first published book of her poetry collection.

Describing herself, she says that she is not a famous writer or a lover lost in love like Romeo’s Juliet.

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She said & he blushed

While writing something on the table,
she said – “I think I should ask my way from autumn, greenery is already angry with me and my soul has also become lifeless like those yellow leaves.
You told me that you like spring know?, but I don’t know why winters seem cool and energetic . The taste of that sip of hot tea in warm clothes is beyond something else.”

He said – “Hmm! Winters seem cool but spring is relaxed, the atmosphere decorated with lush green trees and the faint smell of various flowers, a long breath and all the malice out.”

“Aha! Odd person and an expression of emancipation,” She quipped.

“Hahaha!!! Muddy and me? Oh go away ! I take a bath twice a day, that too by adding Dettol in lukewarm water”
He said.

She smiled and said, “Never let the mind become soil, it is very clear, you are like the sky and you are transparent like water! Dear.”

“Absolutely my sweetheart! He came near and said, You are there to give me the strength to deal with all my dilemmas.”

“Always” she said holding hands, and will continue to do so.

“So why ask the autumn way?” he asked seriously.

“Hey! I already have my four seasons and twelve months, in YOU, my autumn, my summer, my autumn, my spring, my thorny paths and the culverts that run over them, my bouquet of flowers and my garden.” She smiled softly and said..

And he blushed….

Sorrow and truth

what are you sad about
let some time pass
This deep sea salt water
of confusions and pains
will dry up one day and
everything will be zero

what are you sad about
let some more time pass
you yourself will forget everything
and they must have forgotten you
This world will destroy your existence
you will become a physical void
You will see yourself disappearing with your own eyes
And can’t do anything
And you will familiar with the truth
earthen pot will be burn
how far can you save the ashes

what are you sad about
you will stay here somewhere
Beyond the body merging in the void
You will see yourself contained in the fire
and you’ll see some crying
some will become lifeless
some will be seems happy
due to your martyle
you will watch your dreams into burn
you will see the things kept with you and
your inability to touch them
this life in which how sad you are
will see the end of it

what are you sad about
Just let some time pass….
you will understand life and death
Operation and accuracy of Kalachakra
and finally
You will see the liberation of your living soul

Just let some time pass….


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