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Soccer players worldwide are constantly looking for an opportunity to showcase their skills and to prove that they deserve to be on the rosters of some of the biggest teams in the world. And now, more than ever, American soccer players have been receiving a lot of attention from European clubs, which are considered the holy grail for every soccer player out there.

Currently, there are 100’s of American players competing in European leagues, a number that has significantly risen over the past few years as the standards for soccer in the US have been on the rise and these American veterans have been crucial in creating a legacy for the up and coming stars to accomplish their dreams.

A big issue in the US at the moment is that a significant amount of players are getting overlooked regularly without ever getting the opportunity to even try-out for the MLS nor any other professional institutions. That’s where AX Soccer comes in, the basis of the work there is their great eye for promising players. They are always on the lookout for young players that possess not only the talent but also the attitude and willpower to reach the highest levels in the football world. As well as to aspire the players around them during training, practices, and camps.

As every soccer player is unique with different needs and goals, AX Soccer works closely with them to guarantee the level of commitment they offer and the exposure their players deserve.

AX Soccer’s core services include scouting, sourcing clubs for players, national and international contract negotiations, transfers, and financial consultancy for its players-taking exceptional care every step of the way. Just like the hundreds that have already signed professional contracts through AX Soccer, apply now to begin your journey to the next level!


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