Women are getting involved in the cannabis industry

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Laws, regulations, innovations, and especially opinions are constantly evolving in practically all aspects of the cannabis industry. And while the operational standards of business in this industry are in constant fluctuation, one thing is for sure, women are making substantial contributions to the evolution of this industry.

The cannabis world entails multiple entry points for women with different backgrounds, from investors to cultivators, and their roles are being quite influential in the progress of the industry through their impeccable leadership skills, resilience, and upfront inspirational competency. To that end, we want to highlight one of the world’s most influential women in the cannabis industry, the Founder of Saved by Cannabis, and many other ventures, Amanda Geritano.

Who is Amanda Geritano?

Amanda Geritano is considered a strong contributor in revolutionizing the cannabis industry through her exceptional expertise in growing, scaling, and effectively kicking off cannabis businesses. With years of experience in the cannabis and wellness industries, Amanda has successfully been able to found and create several businesses and partnerships that portray her strong advocacy for the benefits of Cannabis. Of these ventures, Amanda has been a strong factor in shaping some of the biggest names in the industry such as KoKoNuggz, Packwoods, and the previously mentioned Saved by Cannabis.

The hallmarks of Amanda’s leadership style include tendencies to be more and more interactive and build participative teams within the personnel, in addition to focusing on collaborating by seeking connections between heterogeneous ideas. Amanda not only bases her decision-making process for the good of the businesses themselves, but for the progression and advancement of the way the industry will impact society.

Amanda’s initiatives in the industry have been affecting societal change greatly that is, in turn, helping shape up the industry to give more opportunity to women from all backgrounds. On her weekly Clubhouse meeting, Amanda discusses these topics in-depth in addition to different topics in the cannabis industry ranging from the latest news to upcoming and well-established influencers, emerging brands and technology, how to get involved, and weekly updates in the industry.

What are Amanda’s plans?

As the legalization of cannabis is transitioning to the east coast, Amanda is focusing on expanding her services there and continuing establishing for herself a strong reputation as a fearless expert that is not afraid to disrupt the industry and pioneer newer more effective tactics to take cannabis businesses to the next level.

Amanda has shown that her meticulous work ethic paired with her pioneering vision and her ability to cast highly productive relationships with peers and partners have proven her commitment to societal change and are contributing more and more in providing better opportunities for women at all levels of the cannabis industry.

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