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Opt Kieth – The optimistic rapper

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Optimistic Kieth aka Opt Kieth, started his music journey at a young age. Opt Kieth is on a vibrant adventure in which he allows us to get closer to him on more of a personal level as an artist with his relatable songwriting and honest storytelling with his new single “like a DJ”.
Through his songs, he allows us to take a glance through his lens at where he is at in life while still letting us sing along to the catchy lyrics. Opt Kieth puts his versatile approach to song making to present throughout his songs. His fans know that he has always been extremely open and honest in his music.
He grew up in a Northern city. Due to the high crime rate there, many people couldn’t make it out or even imagine a position where he is now. He is a big part of a rap group called ‘3 ninjas’ also with other two people in the group, Deelyrik & Deechi. They’re all under the brand Versatile Mafia. From a quick observation of Opt Kieth, you will quickly realize that he is a true player of music. In the industry, he came first and as an artist. He is always determined to create a sound that is ageless and diverse. Therefore, being a player of the music game, he is always behind his past and present musical influences.

Opt Kieth posing.

In an interview, he said, “Music is a true passion for many people and rappers but few people survive in this jungle. A successful music career requires as much effort off stage as it does on stage. It is not at all an easy task to become a successful rapper in this highly competitive industry. The music industry is filled with numerous challenges and barriers. But if there is one thing that can help you go far, it is perseverance.’
Artists like Opt Kieth, who is a well-known rapper among the youth, have made it to the big stage after their continuous efforts in the industry. Young, dynamic, and cutting edge are just a few words to describe Opt Kieth. He is revolutionizing the music industry with his unique style of music. He is an amazing rapper who has won much recognition. He has performed at various places and he and his songs have been featured on many major platforms.
He believes that being a rapper has amazing benefits. He says, “You get to do work that you love and you also can inspire and influence others.”
Who would resist following him? Not you at least. So follow him on his Instagram account to hear from him more :

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