“Nations Icon Award” Will help towards the journey of impacting people’s lives in the coaching world, says Mental Wellness Coach Alisha Jivani.

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You know life is so short. It’s all about the experience; everybody chooses their own life still we all have a lot of problems. Sometimes it’s too late to regret not solving it. With time, Alisha realized if she helped someone, she would not only save that one life, but it would also help their children and even their future grandchildren, as they would be shaped by someone who is happier and more stable. Being a Mental wellness coach, she can have the potential to change the generations of people. 

Being a mental wellness coach, Alisha believes that it is not our time that makes us great. It is our habits and choices which help us to be what we want to be, to achieve what we wish to be and to live the way we like to. As a Mental wellness coach, it is important for her to gain an overall perspective of someone’s life before identifying which area they seek to improve or are currently unhappy with. Her purpose is to help people to make progress in their lives by attaining greater fulfillment.

To empower yourself and be happy within, it is important for you to manage the emotions and bring back your powers, and that’s where she comes in the scene. As a Mental Wellness coach with a more positive outlook, she assists people in increasing self-awareness, self-love, self-acceptance, and self-appreciation, as well as discovering true happiness by providing a road map for bringing clarity on vision, purpose, values, attitude, and behavior. However, the success of a coach is highly dependent on the individual and their willingness to change.

Every unpredictable event in life is beyond our control. Still, by managing our thoughts and working on our inner selves, we can undoubtedly witness a good difference in the world around us. Her goal is to assist people in making progress in their life so that they might achieve greater happiness. When a person’s self-worth is low, or the challenge they are facing is too large, she, as a mental wellness coach, works to restore that person’s dwindling confidence and ensure that they are capable of living up to their full potential.

Unhealthy beliefs about us and others can be the major reason for ruining our mental strength. It is important to shape our beliefs. For that, we need to master the ability how to think and how not to think. We all have the freedom to develop the emotions which we choose. We all are meant to enjoy the show, enjoy the ride of life. And for that, We need to be HAPPY. Happiness is from within that is not influenced by our outside world. Once you start being happy from within, You will enjoy being alone, which means will definitely get better organized, psychologically, emotionally, far better organized than others. 

As a mental wellness coach, one of her favorite Jim Carrey quotes is, “I want everybody to achieve all their dreams and become rich and famous so that they can finally discover it’s not the answer.”


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