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Sontu Biswas – The first Digital Parenting specialist in India and the man behind Love for Child

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Needless to mention, Digital media has quickly altered how parents and children communicate, have fun, learn, and solve problems on a regular basis. Because very young children are frequent users of smartphones and tablets, their digital engagement poses new challenges to the parent-child relationship and parental role, as well as the prevention of various types of risks and excessive exposure, which is where a Digital Parenting specialist comes into play. Sontu Biswas is known in the tribe as India’s leading Digital Parenting specialist, creating a Healthy & Mindful Digital Environment for every Family and assisting them in protecting their precious Child from the Dark Side of the Digital World so that they can use the Digital World to achieve Ultimate Success in their lives.

Sontu Biswas is the founder of the ‘Love for Child’ Next-Gen Parenting and Next-Gen Billionaire Club with a rich experience of 20 years in the field of technology and computers. He is India’s Leading Digital Parenting Specialist, a Certified Parenting Coach, and a Certified Career Strategist, as well as a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker for Children and a Facilitator. He has also trained and coached over 500 children, parents, and families through a variety of workshops and one-on-one consultations, addressing issues such as parenting in the digital age and children’s careers.

Without a doubt, the internet’s takeover of millennials and its transformation from a luxury to a need has resulted in a slew of developments, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. This makes it even more important for everyone to understand the drawbacks and benefits in order to maximize its potential and use it to their advantage. Young adults frequently fail to make appropriate decisions, which has a negative impact on them and their developing personalities. As a result, kids must be supervised by their parents.

Sontu discusses his journey in a crux as he talks about his passion and inspiration for creating the ground-breaking platform Love for Child. “I grew up playing with and exploring with my younger brothers and relatives, and my favorite pastime was playing with and exploring with them. So, somewhere along the line, I gained a passion for children, and as a parent of a young toddler, I developed a passion for parenting as well. Furthermore, I was introduced to the Internet at a young age and have seen and experienced practically every aspect of the digital world, both positive and negative. For example, cyberbullying, online financial threats, victims of computer security threats, and so on, as I used to be a computer game addict. However, eventually, I was able to pull myself out from all of the Negative Aspects of the Digital World and choose to be Mindful in the Digital World, using Technology in a Positive Way to Grow in Life; this is how ‘Love for Child’ was formed.”

Sontu used his research, skills, and experience to help Kids, Parents, and Families tackle all of the Parenting Challenges, especially in this Digital Era. So that parents and their children can effectively, efficiently, and responsibly use technology. Also, to re-establish the physical, emotional, and spiritual ties that formerly existed between families.

As a parent raising children in a digital age, it’s easy to feel like you’ve got a tiger by the tail and that technology is leading your family rather than the other way around. However, that typical sensation of being overwhelmed, outsmarted, and constantly a step or two behind the technological curve is merely a sensation, not an actuality. Sontu enables parents, caregivers, and their children to discover technology together through digital parenting.

Claim to Fame – Sontu Biswas

  • India’s first Digital Parenting Specialist forwarded to Mission Mindful Digital World and Project Re-connect
  • Though Sontu is a Software Engineer by profession, he has always had an interest in technology, computers, and gadgets since he was a child, which prompted him to pursue it as a career and spend 20 years in it.

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