Makeup Artistry And Motherhood— A Parallel In Roma Khanna’s Life

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“The more work you put in every day, the more it adds up to the broader picture-” these are the words of this Noida-based makeup artist who has mastered her numerous duties as an independent woman and artist. A unique approach, unrelenting devotion, extraordinary craft skills, and an upbeat disposition are just one-third of what make Roma Khanna the treasure she is. Roma Khanna, a rising star in the beauty profession, is a Noida-based makeup artist who has earned a reputation for herself in the industry via her inventiveness and hard work. Beginning her profession in 2016, she entered the world of makeup when it was still a relatively unexplored territory. At the time, celebrities like Leena Bhushan and Parul Garg had only recently begun to appear on Instagram, which was quickly becoming the “it” social media network. That’s when this globally trained makeup artist became known for her unique looks, funny looks, and wide range of highlighting makeovers. She is now a successful Makeup Artist, as well as a Lawyer, Designer, Wife, and Mother.

“I’ve always had a creative streak. Innovation has always come easy to me, whether it was creating the decor of my Goan-Bali themed house, my studio in Noida, Kiara’s room, her toys, or even her baby shower.” Roma gave a personal experience about how she constructed 50 dream catchers for her daughter before she was born. During her two-year sabbatical, she delved further into her artistic talent by taking many makeup lessons from Mac when it first arrived in India, as well as one-on-one workshops with renowned Bollywood makeup artists Mickey Contractor, Ash K Holm, Amrit Kaur, Meera Sakhrani, and several other artists to stay up with changing client preferences.Roma shuffled her duties as a mother and as a professional during the entire 2.5 year period that …

Roma describes herself as a “iron-lady” for the times she kept her cool even when everything came apart, as they do from time to time, and as a multi-tasker who can barely keep one foot still. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, cooking, and performing home chores. Roma revealed in an exclusive interview how she stayed on her toes even after giving birth. She organized a Christmas photoshoot for her infant all by herself, from gathering props to overseeing the concept and style.

“The best gauge of character is one’s response under pressure.” Roma highlighted how reverent, gracious, and self-conscious she’d been while in her labor to not do anything out of line in another anecdote she recounted. Roma is distinguished by her friendliness and generosity, whether it is her attitude or her services. Roma Khanna is most known among her clients for her punctuality, unwavering work ethic, and compassion. “I had to do a bride’s makeup one time, and I found out her mother’s birthday is the same day as the bride’s wedding day.So, after finishing the makeup, I went home and bought her mother a cake, took it to the venue where I had to do her reception makeup as well, and had a little family party. In the end, these minor details add up to the broader picture for me.”

Roma is a high-end makeup artist that consistently outperforms herself with her work and has given the makeup industry a new face with her distinct yet timeless looks. If you’re seeking someone who can use their hands to create magic on your face, look no further!


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