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Shaivya Kapoor is a popular entrepreneur from Delhi who started her ventures in 2016 and has never seen back since then. The business keeps the young Aaj Ki Naari occupied.

The shocking thing is that she is away from all social media even in this day and age. She quit all social media in 2015 post some personal issues, and she does not regret her decision at all.

Shaivya was the most notorious girl in her school days and often her parents used to get complains about her misconduct in school. While studying in class 10, just before the board exams, she was blamed by her school for something she did not do. Instead, her then so called boyfriend had spread some below the belt rumours about her that had reached teachers and principal. That was a very significant moment in her life as she was not able to face the society for a few months. It had a bad impact on her board exams and she could never really excel in studies after that.

After her graduation, Shaivya remained unemployed for almost two years because she lacked aim in life. She was never interested in working and studies. Having fun and chilling out were her only hobbies. But in 2014 when people made her fake accounts on Facebook, she thought about her school days and thereby quit social media forever.

Though the decision was made in haste, she does not regret it a bit, as it gave her an option to explore her entrepreneurial skills. She started her venture in 2016 which is now one of the most popular ventures in Delhi.

“I thank my best friend from school, Sonali, who has supported me during good and bad days all my life,” she says.


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