Mad Labs stands out as the first cannabis brand to enter the metaverse with its virtual marijuana showroom, inspired by the Apple store

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“Metaverse” is fast becoming the buzzword of the decade. As computers become more powerful, internet connections become faster, and cocooning at home becomes a norm, many are turning to virtual 3D worlds as a proxy for in-person social interaction. And where people go, brands go. 

Cannabis brand Mad Labs stands out as the first cannabis brand to enter the metaverse with its virtual marijuana showroom. 

Customers that visit Mad Labs’ virtual dispensary will find displays of the company’s signature vape cartridges and other cannabis-infused products. At launch, the collection will include 10 vape flavors including six strains of live resin and four crystal diamond liquids. Also on virtual display will be cannabis concentrates such as wax, badder, live resin, and hash rosin. 

And, of course, marijuana will be available as well. To make the experience more fun, Mad Labs will offer various four-strain collections, each with a “Mad Comic” theme. The first collection includes Cosmic Collision, Asteroid Mints, Madmello, and Bruce Banner. 

Borrowing brilliance from Apple 

“With our metaverse shop, we’re trying to create a novel virtual dispensary experience,” said a Mad Labs spokes person. “And there’s no better example on Earth of a company providing the very best customer experience than Apple Stores. If success is a measure of customer satisfaction, then Apple is doing something right.” 

Mad Labs has partnered with a new company called Seaweed to create their virtual shop using Apple Computer, Inc.’s Apple Stores as an inspiration for the virtual

dispensary. Most people are familiar with Apple’s elegant computer stores that are more akin to jewelry stores than to electronics stores. 

Mad Labs is a maker of high quality THC cannabis concentrates and vape cartridges. And, like Apple, Mad Labs is pinning its success not on undercutting the competition, but rather onproducing the most elegant, most useful, most reliable cannabis vape cartridges in the world. 

“Steve Jobs knew that people want to feel inspired by their experience, not underwhelmed or disappointed,” says Mad Labs. “And he knew they would be willing to pay a premium for a superior product and a remarkable shopping experience.” 

“The problem with competing on price rather than quality,” says Mad Labs, “is, if you start with the idea of creating a bargain-basement priced product, then you start with a mindset of cutting corners. And every corner that gets cut means a less remarkable experience for customers. High-quality products come with the best kind of customers – return customers. The most valuable customers are those that come back for more again, and again, and again.” 

“Sure, people can spend less money on a smartphone, or laptop, or tablet,” says Mad Labs, “but will they be excited by it? Will they rave about it to their friends? And will they buy it again? Probably not.” 

At the back of the virtual showroom, similar to Apple’s Genius Bar, visitors will find a Mad Bar. The Mad Bar will be staffed by an IA-powered virtual assistant who will answer shoppers’ questions about the products and where they can be purchased. Users can punch in a real-world zip code and the AI assistant will let them know which dispensaries in the area carry the products they’re interested in.

What’s in your vape pen? 

Just as Apple is obsessive about the software than runs on their computers, Mad Labs is obsessive about what they put into their cartridges and concentrates. Mad Labs’ mission is to set the industry standard for the finest, most potent, most flavorful, most pure cannabis vape oils and concentrates. To that end, the company has pioneered new and innovative methods of extraction that produce the purest and most potent oil. 

“In order to undercut price, many vape cartridge makers use less pure cannabis oils, then they mix that with filler oils making them less pure and less potent,” says Mad Labs. “Mad Labs cartridges contain well over 90 percent THC with a rich terpene profile. A one-gram cartridge contains more than 900 milligrams of THC rather than the 400 to 600 milligrams of THC found in most one-gram cartridges. With less than half of the THC, in some cases, one could pay twice as much for the better product and still end up with a better value. Not only a better value but a superior experience.” 

The great news is that Mad Labs cartridges don’t cost twice as much. Instead, they offer twice the value at a very competitive. 

Virtual dispensaries are the future 

“Our virtual-world shops offer a far more satisfying customer experience than a flat and lifeless website,” says Seaweed. “There could be 100 other people on a web page learning about products and yet the shopper is sitting there all alone.” 

“In a virtual store experience,” says Seaweed, “shoppers can socialize and interact with each other, compare experiences and recommend products to each other. It’s

a far superior shopping experience than just staring at a page full of photos and product descriptions.” 

When the store prototype is finished and refined, it will be launched first on Mad Labs website. Meanwhile, the company is eyeing some high foot traffic real estate in Decentraland where they will eventually set up shop. 

Seaweed plans to use the Mad Labs prototype to offer similar virtual dispensary development services to other cannabis companies in the near future.


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