NIA ASIEL – The R&B Star You Should Know About Right Now, Without a Doubt

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Melodic songstress Nia Asiel grew up in Chicago, IL. She comes from an amazingly musical family where midnight rap battles with her cousins in the basement became routine. Her parents always made sure she was active in extracurriculars to occupy her time. Once her family discovered her talent, Nia was in guitar, saxophone, vocal, and piano lessons. She knew music was her passion without a doubt. Her Dad took her to Guitar Center to get a studio mic for at-home recording. She set up the mic in her parent’s basement and started posting remixes of songs on Soundcloud. Those remixes got thousands of plays, which she did not expect in high school. After that, Nia decided to really put consistency behind her music in 2020 while acquiring time to focus on my craft with COVID shutting the world down. Nia would sit in her room and write songs for hours, which explains her swiftness to write a song in under an hour. She’s been full throttle working towards being a top singer-songwriter. 

Nia Asiel is not the typical artist at all. She brings a new impactful R&B sound to Chicago, as Nia creates songs in a way that allows her audience to relate unapologetically, she has only scratched the surface of her musical abilities. She sings boldly yet emotionally about relationships, stories she experienced and even the struggles of her friends’ situationships. This makes Nia extremely unique in the Chicago music scene. Nia Asiel’s biggest life challenge is walking in her Grandma’s footsteps without her being here by her side. Nia’s Grandma passed away from colon cancer when she was a kid. They shared the same birthday, which remained a highlight of family gatherings. Her Grandma would constantly sing no matter the circumstances. She truly gave Nia the music IT factor by planting a musical seed within her heart. Nia Asiel is grateful her Grandma’s legacy continues to live on every single day. 

Nia exhibits time and time again she has the star factor with her new original twist on R&B. She sounds uniquely and confidently herself. Nia Asiel stands #5 on the ReverbNation R&B Charts in Chicago. As of May 4th, her single “No Phase” has over 80K views on Youtube and her hit song “Men Lie” ft. Lito Garcia amassed over 120K views on Youtube. A fan favorite, Men Lie, Nia Asiel vents about being in a relationship where men will tell you all the good things you want to hear then deliver on none of it. She talks of how a significant other can speak about love but doesn’t treat the woman he dates like royalty. Nia has an extreme amount of greatness within her delivery and soul, which many of us are excited to hear more. Recently, Nia released “No Phase” which is out now on all platforms. No Phase is about being taken advantage of by someone whose only intentions are to drag you along. Nia Asiel wrote No Phase for one of her bestfriends who was experiencing relationship issues for over three years. This song brings a twist of summer and self care vibes over a vibrant guitar beat. The beats Nia selects are at the forefront of her artistry. She works with a couple of producers on a consistent basis when she creates her music. Matthew May and Hennen Beats are heavily talented producers who make their beats from scratch, which compliments Nia’s smooth sparkly tone. Anytime Nia gets on one of their beats I know it’s a hit song off rip. Can’t wait to see more producers she works with. Of course, Nia has summertime music dropping this month so always stay ready. 

Make sure to tap in with Nia on all social media @nia_asiel. Her music is available on all platforms under Nia Asiel. Go support! She will be making her mark in the music scene for years to come.


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