Learn More About Satoshi Runners’ Inspired Collection

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Satoshi Runners is a collection of 7,777 fully animated cyberpunk artworks with unique usefulness and a vibrant community that aspires to reinvent pixel art. On March 1st, their collection sold out, and it was the most traded collection in the world at the time. Satoshi Runners has created a total volume of 2,200 ETH ($6,490,000), with the cheapest NFT trading at $516.17.

Satoshi Runners has partnered with 250+ Bored Ape and Mutant Ape holders, Chain Runners, CryptoSkulls, and Nanopass, to mention a few, who have joined the Satoshi Runners “whitelist.” They’ll also collaborate with several renowned alpha groups and crypto influencers. They revealed their official release date and mint price in mid-February 2022.

Satoshi’s cryptopunk pixel art project brings together some of the most well-known figures in the pixel art field to develop a line of cryptopunk-themed items. Satoshi was founded by 0xFocus and Zakareth, Internet marketing specialists and early NFT adopters, and 7-figure entrepreneurs from the United States, Brazil, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, England, and Spain. Zakareth, one of the company’s co-founders, is an investor, an early NFT adopter, and a BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) member. 0xFocus is an investor and entrepreneur is also a die-hard NFT supporter who has been spearheading the project’s creation and promotion.

Pixel art was undoubtedly the most successful art genre last year, as the popularity of Ethereum NFTs began to soar. CryptoPunks raised more than $35 million in sales last autumn, while Axie Infinity’s digital land sale raised over $1 million in seconds. However, it was also during the same period that the team faced some of its biggest challenges.

In the next research phase, the team will incorporate a breeding system to further the Satoshi lineage. When it comes to Satoshi Runners, breeding is the process of joining two of them to make a new one. Some of the baby Satoshi’s characteristics will be acquired at random, while others will be passed down from its parents.

The collection will contain 5,000 baby Satoshis, with 3,888 being given away for free to collectors who hold two or more Satoshis. In phase three, the team will purchase territory on Sandbox and Decentraland to provide holders unique access to the expanding metaverse where members can use, monetize, and sell their NFTs and participate in fun community events. Satoshi Runners will provide additional services as the community grows.

The Satoshi Runners team aspires to be the top pixel art project in the NFT sector in a few years. To do this, they plan to deliver the most value to their community in terms of alpha calls, presale access to all new projects, and relationships with the most well-known collections.


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