Dr. Mike Hart Brings a Variety of Skills and Interests to His Field

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The medical field has evolved significantly over the years, especially with the advancements in technology that have made medical processes less complicated and faster. Unlike w while back when most people were opposed to the idea of plant-based medicine, we have also seen a large number of people welcome the idea of medicinal plants, with medical experts like Dr. Mike Hart exploring some of these plants and paving the way for a brighter future in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Hart brings a variety of skills and interests to the medical field, pushing for a much healthier lifestyle. His unique approach to plant-based medicine and vast experience in the field has enabled him to reach the top, receiving massive recognition globally. Dr. Hart is one of the world’s foremost experts on plant-based medicine. He was the first physician in London, Ontario, to open a cannabis clinic and was published for his work in 2019. Dr. Hart is also an expert known for using ketamine for mental health.

He says that his goal is to redefine the medical field, shining a light on the power of cannabis and psychedelics. Dr. Hart is leveraging his skills to develop more advanced mental health treatments as he helps his patients adopt a healthier lifestyle. He shares valuable information on healthy living and how people can use cannabis and psychedelics to treat various ailments. In doing so, Dr. Hart is also helping break the stigma around cannabis. 

“While cannabis has become more accepted and various countries have legalized it, there is still some opposition when it comes to medical cannabis,” says Dr. Hart. According to Dr. Hart, this is mainly because most people perceive marijuana as a harmful drug, which is a myth he aims to bust.  

Dr. Hart has launched his podcast “Hart2Heart,” where he leads discussions around cannabis and psychedelics and how they can impact the human body when consumed in the right amounts. Through his podcast, he also shares tips on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and much more. 

Dr. Hart’s odd combination of skills and a wide knowledge base in cannabis, psychedelics, nutrition, longevity, and strength training help him drive positive change in the medical field, with his podcast attracting a lot of attention. Some of Dr. Hart’s guests include former NHL player and health advocate Riley Cote, former NFL player and plant-based medicine advocate Eben Britton, and well-known MMA fighter Elias Theodorou. Elias was the first to receive his therapeutic use exemption, which allows him to use medical cannabis in competition.

Dr. Hart has also been featured in multiple publications and has authored one of the best-selling books on Amazon discussing medical cannabis and plant-based medicine. As the COO of Optimind Pharma (a soon to be a publicly-traded company) and an active member of the scientific board of Predict Medix, Dr. Hart is leveraging the resources available to him to redefine the medical field and shed more light on plant-based medicine.

In the coming years, he says that his goal is to have created an environment where people are ready and free to have more open conversations about plant-based medicines. This will also allow for more research in the industry. 


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