How Quality Art and a Tight Community Put Baby Ape Social Club on the Map

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The Baby Ape Social Club is a limited collection of 5,000 Baby Apes that reside on Dab Island in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. The inspiration behind  HYPERLINK “https://twitter.com/BabyApe_SC”Baby Ape Social Club is derived from their fellow Bored Apes on the Ethereum blockchain. A more advanced option,  HYPERLINK “https://www.instagram.com/babyapesocialclub/”Baby Ape Social Club, was established to bring on board the Solana ecosystem. Its production was significantly aided by the input of Micho Toshi, a former Hollywood executive, current screenwriter, and NFT storyteller. Working with them helped develop a story and club that you don’t want to miss out on.

Officially launched in December 2021, the Baby Ape Social Club is one of the many NFT projects on the Solana blockchain. It’s a unique NFT that is performing well, having sold all 5,000 Baby Ape NFTs within ten minutes. Since then, the Baby Ape Social Club has also witnessed lots of love on social media with over 24.5K followers on Twitter, 12.5K plus Instagram followers, and over 43,000 members on their fast-growing  HYPERLINK “https://discord.gg/basc”Discord server.

With slightly over a month on the market, the Baby Apes have achieved over $20 million-plus in volume. This is a significant milestone for the newly developed NFT, which most other projects have not achieved in their lifetimes. It’s also worth noting a major milestone has been its placement on the Solana blockchain, which is still developing.

Baby Apes stand out in the industry for their unique art, which the team worked so hard to develop. Their authentic NFTs ensured it was not hard to gather a much-needed community before they sold out as people are still looking to get themselves a Baby Ape.

According to Baby Ape Social Club, if you want to create a successful project, you need quality art, an achievable road map, and a tight community that will help propel you to the top. This will help you focus on your community first, allowing you to put more effort into building it. People got hooked on the art and wanted to have a Baby Ape and become part of the community they have built, whether or not it would mean anything else for them down the line.

“We believe that what separates us from others is that we have all three. One of the more interesting parts of the roadmap is Chapter 2, which is the alien abduction of the Baby Apes off Dab Island. We have recently given every Baby Ape holder a free Baby Tiger – and a Baby Ape and Baby Tiger pair will be needed for Chapter 2 of our story,” explains the Baby Ape team.

The Baby Apes team also believes in thinking about the longevity of a project in a straightforward way to find success in the NFT niche. They have always looked at the long-term roadmap since the very setup of their Discord channel, but they could never have anticipated the amount of interest they have received from the NFT community at the pace it all happened.

Therefore, having a set plan for any outcomes of your launch is always essential. Moving forward, some of their goals include onboarding new people to the NFT space through their Ape School. They also want to create a seamless system between the three collections they will have that will work to provide value and keep community members engaged.


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