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Author Meera Gopalakrishnan(Shruthi),a TV reviewer the pride of Cochin,Kerala started her writing journey under the pen name Shruthi as a TV show reviewer in Indiaforums. Her analysis of the show ‘Diya aur Baati Hum’ was a crowd puller in the show forum. So she continued analyzing other hit shows like Ek Hasina Thi,Siya Ke Ram,Beyhadh and Bepannaah and in each forum her posts were top rated and she was always occupied a position among Top 10 in the show Hall of Fame.

However it was the huge success of her fan fiction Tera Bina Zindagi Zindagi nahin that prompted her to write an original fiction. She wanted to address the issues she was concerned since childhood through her novel. The life of her great aunt who was a child widow and the articles she read about Vrindavan widows and burning of widows calling them a witch played a huge part in shaping the novel. She also wanted to address the issue of female feticide through her novel.
So she chose the time period of 90s for her novel. A time where India was transforming. A time where old practices were giving way to new. A time where technology was making inroads in daily life. A time which offered the best of romance.


It took her two years to complete her work Seven Vows where she tried to incorporate the concept of Navdurga through 9 women who are change makers. All the aspects of Goddess from the loving and caring mother to kali the destructor of evil the writer has tried to define through her characters. She has tried to tell her readers through the book that God resides within you and the form of God is selfless love. Once you hear the voice of true love you hear the voice of the truth. Once you accept the voice of truth change happens on its own.

The male protagonists of Seven Vows are not super humans. They are men whom you meet in your ordinary world. They are men who have their own struggles and men who have failed in protecting their loved ones. However what sets them apart is that despite the failures they decide to fight for the cause they believe in that’s creating a more equitable world where a woman is respected.


Seven Vows is not just a romantic thriller written by Meera Gopalakrishnan. It’s the journey of two individuals facing the trials and tribulations the world has thrown at them with the belief in love they have for each other.
First published in 2018 this book was appreciated for its content and the progressive outlook it displayed. Just want to conclude this article telling that Seven Vows is not just a book for Shruthi. It’s an emotion.


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