How One Mom-Turned-Personal Trainer is Changing Lives Through Coaching for Health with Liz

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In a world of ever-emerging trends, health and fitness have become a point of focus for people around the world. As a Personal Trainer, Coach Liz has loved this trend. Health and fitness are topics that some skirt around, but Liz believes in tackling it head-on and setting people on the path to health and achieving physical fitness.

Liz is a qualified Online Health Coach and Personal Trainer helping her clients achieve their dream bodies by getting more fit and healthy. She also helps them learn more about proper nutrition and exercise.

After having her third child, Liz was so busy taking care of everyone else that she put her own needs on the backburner. At the time, she was pre-diabetic, had an enlarged thyroid, a bad back, and was overweight. With a focused mind and determined heart, she knew she had to make a change to achieve a healthy and fit body. Through patience, persistence, and perseverance, Liz was able to lose over 80 pounds, which strengthened her back and eradicated her pain. This motivated her to help other moms achieve healthy and fit bodies through simple but effective exercise techniques and a scientifically proven diet.

Mention weight loss and what comes to the mind of most people is physical activity, says Liz. However, what most people don’t realize is that weight loss is 80% nutrition. As a Personal Trainer, Coach Liz stresses the importance of elite nutrition to achieve the best results.

According to Liz, one of the reasons many people give up on their fitness journey is because they dive into the deep end, doing vigorous exercises, and inevitably burning out. Additionally, people are not conversant with the different exercises and what muscles they engage. Through her program, Coach Liz helps her clients work smarter rather than harder and still achieve great results.

Everyone is unique, which means they need a unique plan, says Liz. To achieve great results, she notes the importance of having a 1 on 1 Health Coach. This will help you focus on the most effective exercises and allow the Coach to analyze your specific needs better. This way Coach Liz can develop proper nutrition and exercise techniques that will help you achieve your goal.

With so many people trying to lose or manage their weight, there have been numerous fad diets leaving people devastated after several months, only to see that there is no change at all. Liz understands the struggles of trying to lose belly fat and the extremes some women go through with these fad diets and random exercises. She notes that you will probably not see much success unless you eat the right type of food and stick to a regular and effective workout.

It takes time to get out of shape, and it will also take time to get back into shape, says Liz. To achieve a healthy, stronger, and fit body, you must be determined and ready to make sacrifices. Sticking to good nutrition and regular exercise is not always fun; there are days you will wake up and feel like giving up. On such days, having a committed Personal Trainer determined to help you achieve your goals is essential.

Good nutrition, a healthy body weight, and regular physical activity are crucial to maintaining fitness. Whether you want to lose weight for health reasons or body goals, having a qualified Health Coach will make the process more fun and you’ll be guaranteed to see positive results.


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